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OUTDATED BUILD This build is OUTDATED. This means you will have to improvise to make it work. Builds are outdated when Power Pills (or Free Pills) are included in the strategy. Free Pills have been removed from the game because players stacked the pills with Power Pills Turbo. This is a guide for anyone who wants to learn how to turn Raelynn into a terror on the battlefield. At full build, you will crush your enemies, drive them before you, and hear them lament like women (that is if women were pansies and not the unstoppable marks'wo'man, Raelynn).

This guide is designed to output amazing damage early game and give you enough kills to ensure that if you do reach late game, you are by far the most fed (barring possible jungle Gnaw's).

Recommended Loadout (At max level)[ | ]

Timerift-   [Higgs Grenade]   [Retro Spaceship]   [HC-Bomb]

Snipe-   [Pump Rifle]   [Iron Rifle]   [Gyrc Lubricator]

Protoblaster "Cuddles"-   [Lucky Cat Air Freshener]   [Joe Doll]   [Receding Ponytail]

Utility-   [Denny's Boots]   [Solar Tree]   [Power Pills]

If some upgrades are unavailable, substitute in a purchasable equivalent as follows, purchase order must be accommodated to match

HC-Bomb => T-800 Dome (great for pushing) or Nuclear Warhead

Iron Rifle => Laserpointer

Gyrc Lubricator => Cassette Magazine

Receding Ponytail => Skull Bracelet

Also, you can use Power Pills Turbo instead of Power Pills, but I feel 40 hp for free from the start for the game is more powerful of an advantage than the purchasable hp.

Purchase Order[ | ]

235 solar needed to grab Snipe and Solar Tree, if you don't get it in the drop I reccomend fetching some quickly.

Solar Tree

Power Pills


Pump Rifle (1 or 2)

Denny's Boots

Pump Rifle (Max)

Iron Rifle*

Receding Ponytail

Joe Doll (Max)**

Lucky Cat Air Freshener (Max)



Retro Spaceship (Max)

Higgs Grenade (Max)

Gyrc Lubricator****

Notes: the order is flexible in certain points marked with asterisks

(*)If Iron Rifle is unavailable, skip to the Protoblaster upgrades and grab Laserpointer whenever you feel

(**)The exact order of purchase for blaster upgrades is flexible after the ponytail, though this works best for me.

(***)Timerift may be purchased before this if you feel you need it, just make sure that the very next upgrade is HC-Bomb, it will double your blaster dps.

(****)This is a unique upgrade that can be purchased at any time after the damage upgrades for Snipe. It is all down to personal preference and playstyle

Play Style, Tips, and Misc.[ | ]

In the beginning of the game, you should have Snipe, Power Pills, and a Solar Tree. Snipe is your main method of harass and should never be on cooldown for too long, it's damage is incredible and it's very hard to dodge, use it. It is also very helpful in collecting farm as it can last hit droids very easily. Keep in mind how much you see Snipe doing and try to use it as a finishing blow as nothing but terrain and turrets will save a low-health runner.

Keep in mind that Snipe also roots you without "Cuddles" for at least half a second, so don't use it in a dangerous area unless you have too. However, with your teammates' help, you should have no trouble netting a kill or two with  only snipe at your command.

Never forget to Blast anyone who comes too near and to keep up the fire when on the chase. If done correctly, clicking rather than holding the button, you maintain good speed and output lots of damage. In fact, Raelynn has one of the strongest "auto-attacks" of any base champ aside from Siege Derpl. Keeping up the rain of fire will make sure your enemies melt before you.

Whenever you have enough money for an upgrade or two, you should make sure to back to buy them, keep in mind though, that this should take a back seat to defending turrets, collecting easy farm, and participating in ganks/netting easy kills. It is not uncommon for your first back to allow you to buy all the way to your boots. Also, whenever possible, try to buy blaster upgrades in pairs, I feel the bonuses aside from the ponytail do not warrant their own trip to base.

Make sure you jungle often unless there is a Gnaw hogging it or you expect to need health soon. You can kill all the jungle creeps in two hits and if you choose the Skull Bracelet over the Lucky Cat Air Freshener, you can even one shot them. This will keep you at a comfortable health and speed up the farming process. (Snipe is also a one shot for jungle creeps)

Something to keep in mind is that the Timerift also slows projectiles and attackspeed, so it can provide a capable shield from incoming fire or simply a means of preventing escape or damage. Be careful, pre-Higgs Grenade, it can be ineffectual as enemies can jump over it, but it works very well in pinched sections of the map such as the remains of a turret or (god forbid) over the worm pit. Last, you can hold the button in order to throw it farther though it may be more effective to use it at point blank range to avoid whiffing it.

The moment you acquire the HC-Bomb, your blaster damage will be double (30 damage a shot vs Nauts) for a short amount of time so do not stop shooting. If you manage to land the slow as well, you can take a Clunk from 100% to 0% in a matter of seconds and there's little he can do about it.

when you have finished your upgrades you have become one of the strongest Nauts in the game and can easily 1v1 any Naut unlucky enough to be caught in your slow (assuming they do not dash out like Froggy G or Vinnie and Spike)

This is a new guide and as such is a WiP, expect more explanations of upgrade choices, better formatting, and a more in-depth intro. --Necromanticer 02:02, January 4, 2013