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Recommended Loadout[ | ]

TIMERIFT- Retro Spaceship, T-800 Dome, HC-Bomb

SNIPE- Laser Pointer, Flashy Glasses, Gryc Lubricator

PROTOBLASTER- Skull Bracelet, Lucky Cat Air Freshener, Receding Ponytail

BOTTOM ROW- Power Pills Turbo, Med-i'-Can, Denny's Boots

Purchase Order[ | ]

1. Snipe, Flashy Glasses.

2. All of Protoblaster, order does not matter.

3. Timerift, T-800 Dome, HC-Bomb.

4. Denny's Boots.

5. All the rest.

Play Style and Tips[ | ]

 First, you'll want to buy snipe and flashy glasses. Use snipe as a defensive tactic to keep enemies away from your turret instead of your main source of damage. Instead, Protoblaster will serve out most of your damage. Use flashy glasses to gain extra solar so you can purchase all of your blaster upgrades. Once you have all of your blaster upgrades, you can go hand to hand in combat. This is especially nice against annoying Yuri or Derpl players, because it deals quite a bit of damage (plus extra against 'nauts!) in a relatively short amount of time. It won't always kill them, but most of the time you can certainly make them flee back to their base!

Once you have enough solar, you should then buy timerift with T-800 Dome and HC-Bomb. Now the real pushing can begin. T-800 Dome will make timerift spawn a sawblade droid. This is perfect to send out against turrets so that you have a wall to protect you. HC-Bomb makes the first shot after sending out timerift deal extra damage. This lets you get a little bit more damage in on turrets quickly, before the opposing team comes. The upgraded protoblaster deals a good amount of damage against turrets, and usually the droid timerift spawns gives you enough cover for another set of droids to be on their way. After this, you should buy Denny's boots for some extra speed.

After this, it doesn't really matter what order you buy them in. Laser pointer and Gryc Lubricator for Snipe is for keeping the opposing team away from your turrets. The snipe should just be used to keep them away from you, not to kill them. Retro Spaceship for Timerift is used for slowing down the opposing team droids when you are attacking a turret, that way they take longer to damage your droids or you. The Power Pills and Med-i'-Can are both to just improve your health to make pushing easier.  

--TheCheatar (talk) 05:21, November 28, 2012 (UTC)