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This build is focused around Raelynn's basic attack, the protoblaster shot, trying to get maximum damage asap. You will have to sacrifice monkey hand for this, so if you really like getting that 50 solar, sorry. Recommended Loadout

Protoblaster Shot: Skull bracelet, lucky cat air freshener, receding ponytail.?

Snipe: Gryc lubricator, flashy glasses, laserpointer (or pump rifle, either one).

Time rift: HC Bomb, Warhead, Retro spaceship.

Raelynn herself: HP, boots, piggy bank.

Purchase Order[ | ]

Your first upgrades will be piggy bank, snipe, flashy glasses, and time rift. Since you don't have monkey hand, you need as much money as possible, so flashy glasses will be your best friend. Always snipe when it's off cooldown. If there's anything around, droids, nauts, and critters, even if they're on reaaally low hp, you use snipe. You want the 7% snipe money whenever you can get it. ? When you have enough money, get HC bomb. Use time rift in battle as much as possible, to make use of the extra damage, but if there are no enemy 'nauts around, don't bother.?

Next, you should get lucky cat air freshener (only one level). You have creep slaying skills anyway, with the good base damage of your Protoblaster, so the +2 against enemy nauts really does make a difference to the one, with the Skull bracelet. Next, get two levels of HP, as you're going to be in the battle, because your protoblaster is fairly short ranged, considering other characters' attacks. After hp, get speed, then full skull bracelet, and ponytail. What you get after this is your choice. Gryc lubricator for catching fleeing enemies, laserpointer for disorienting them, or f you want to start building time rift, sure. I'd recommend getting hp, but it's not that important.

Play Style and Tips[ | ]

Like I said in purchase order, snipe whenever you can, and use time rift whenever enemy nauts are around, for that extra damage.