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UI Skillbutton Hunter Timerift

Timerift [edit]
An expandable wall held within a nifty grenade! With this gadget, Raelynn can create some cover out of just about any terrain. Also great for blocking off annoying ex-es.
Damage/s 57 (89.49)
Attack Speed 250
Slowing Power 65%
Cooldown 11s
Height 5
Width 2
Duration 4s

UI Skillbutton Hunter Attack

Protoblaster [edit]
Cuddles all folded up into a widdle gun makes most go “d’awwww” upon seeing it. This reaction usually transitions smoothly into a highpitched scream as they find out what “cuddling” really means.
Damage 75 (117.75)
Attackspeed 150
Range 8

UI Skillbutton Hunter Snipe

Snipe [edit]
Cuddles folds out to form a supercute variable Sniper-Pulserifle! Able to zap any target over great distances, the resulting beam will take out most of the surroundings along with the target. If you see a laser-point, best run!
Damage 460 (722.2)
Cooldown 10s
Range 18.36
Arming Time 0.65s (+0.55s Animation)
Max Aiming Time 1.8s
Knockback 0.7

UI Skillbutton Hunter Jump

Six Million Solar Human Jump [edit]
Six Million Solar human jump.
Jump Height 7.6
Jumps 1