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Ribbit IV is the first map of the game, unlocked by default at Level 1. It is one of the three original maps in the game, along with Sorona and AI Station 404.

Background[ | ]

Originally the planet was completely covered with swamps and forests, and inhabited by a frog-like species known as Amphibians and Higher Amphibians.

Over time, the frogs moved out of the swamp and started building large cities.

Now, only a small nature reserve remains. The rich Solar veins under the reserve have attracted the war, putting the last vegetation and wildlife in peril.

Drop pod path and minimap[ | ]

Ribbit IV minimap

Hide Areas[ | ]

There are three Hide Areas in the middle of Ribbit IV (the two in the bottom being interconnected). Players can hide here to ambush enemy Awesomenauts, or deploy traps such as Mines.

Creep Area[ | ]

Small Beast Creep

Four Small Beasts roam around the middle of the map. Killing them will drop a small Healthpack that restores 250 Health, and grant 5 xp, plus 3 Solar.

Solar Boss[ | ]

Solar Boss Render

For more detail, visit Solar Boss
The Solar Boss is a large and aggressive beast found on both sides of the map. He attacks both red and blue units that are too close by spiting acid projectiles. He will close its eye shortly before spitting acid, which can give players some warning. Killing him will give 20 Solar and full Health to the Awesomenaut who killed him, 20 Solar to both their teammates and 50 xp to their team.


Tips and Tricks[ | ]

  • Depending on the 'Naut you are playing as, using the Boosters at the bottom middle of the map and attacking mid-flight will allow you to kill a Creep and gain some health.
  • Placing traps, such as Mines, on the top lane Platforms is an effective tactic, as enemy 'Nauts who use the Boosters at the bottom can easily get hit at the top of their flight.
  • An Aggressive Acid spit placed in the middle of the top lane will drip all the way down to the bottom boosters, allowing Gnaw to control a large portion of the map.
  • When play as or against a Clunk, be mindful of the bottom lane boosters, as he can charge up Explode, bounce up and surprise everyone in the top lane!
  • If there's a lone enemy attempting to kill the solar boss at a time when they're not safe from your team, try and come up behind them and push them into a bad spot for an easy kill helped by the damage the solar boss does.
    • Alternatively, make sure that you're always in a safe position when trying to kill the solar boss.
  • If an enemy is pushing your back, bottom turret, it's a good chance for you to push them into a bad spot because they will have little chance to escape if you have good positioning.
    • Alternatively, make sure that you're in a safe position when trying to push your enemy's bottom, back turret.

Trivia[ | ]

  • This is the home planet of Froggy G and Dizzy, making them one of the few 'Nauts that fights on their own planet.
  • Ribbit IV was the first map developed in the game.
  • The name may be a play on Tallon IV from Metroid Prime, which also featured a swamp like area where Samus Aran landed her ship near the beginning of her mission.
    • The critters and boss beast share passing similarities with the bipedal predatory Sheegoth from this game whom also appeared in different stages of maturity, though have one eye instead of six.

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