Awesomenauts Wiki

UI Skillbutton Wozzle FireBomb0

Precision Shot [edit]
Draw your bow and fire an arrow that will fly through terrain and hits enemy Awesomenauts.
Damage 330 (518.1)
Cooldown 7.5s
Range 20
Range Max Charge Unlimited
Charge Speed 1s
Speed 30
Size 4

UI Skillbutton Wozzle FireArrow0

Rapid Arrows [edit]
Fire rapid arrows that will change into slowing arrows while vengeance is active.
Arrows 2
Damage 45 (70.65)
Attack speed 145
Range 9
Spread 10°

UI Skillbutton Wozzle FrostMode

Vengeance [edit]
Removes the movement penalty while shooting and adds a slow effect to your arrows for a set amount of time. Hitting enemies with your rapid arrows increases the duration of vengeance.
Cooldown 16s
Duration 5s
Extra duration per hit 0.1s
Slow 15%
Slow duration rapid arrows 1s
Slow duration precise shot 3.5s

UI Skillbutton Wozzle Jump

Bird Hop [edit]
Bird hop. Hold the button to jump higher.
Jump Height 10.64
Jumps 1