Awesomenauts Wiki

Playing As:[ | ]

  • Rocco is frail and only has a single jump, try to use your superior range and slowing effect from Vengeance in order to keep your enemies at a safe distance.
  • Pay attention to Precision Shot's targeting reticle: The first arrow in the line that looks different from the others signal the point where your stun from Little Johnny will become active, while the circle with an X in it indicates your current target (see picture below).


  • Precision Shot has infinite range: pay attention to the minimap at all times and try to predict where your enemy will go in order to land shots from great distances.
  • Precision Shot can be used as a harassing tool (Nicotine Patches and Defused Hawk Bomb make this even more effective) or as a finisher, aiming at low health enemy Awesomenauts.
  • Each time you hit an enemy unit with Rapid Arrows, the duration of your Vengeance is extended slightly. With upgrades such as Chicken Grill and Endless Quiver, you can keep it up for a very long time.
  • Vengeance has a very long cooldown, so try to use it when you really need it.

Playing With:[ | ]

  • Try to keep enemy Awesomenauts on your screen so that Rocco can see them in his minimap if he's far away.
  • Watch Rocco closely: when he gains purple effets, that means Vengeance is active and his shots will slow down enemies. Play accordingly.
  • When playing a tankier 'naut, try to provide Rocco with some protection to make him even harder to approach for your enemy.

Playing Against:[ | ]

  • Rocco is extremely vulnerable to Reflect/Deflect mechanics, being only able to damage enemies using these by hitting a nearby target with a Badge and Gun enhanced Precision Shot.
  • Precision Shot deals decent damage and has a powerful, lasting slowing effect when used in conjunction with Vengeance. Avoid being hit at all costs.
    • Alternatively, if an ally is very low on health, consider staying in shielding them from Precision Shots if you have the health to do so (but remember Badge and Gun makes this tactic much less effective).
  • Rocco can be equally effective when focusing on a Rapid Arrows build as well as a Precision Shot build. Check his upgrades and learn what he's up to.
  • Attack Rocco after he uses Vengeance, as it has a very long cooldown.
  • Without Vengeance, Rocco's movement speed while firing Rapid Arrows is signifficantly reduced. Escape him if you need to, but be wary as he may still hit you with a Precision Shot, no matter how far away you are.
  • Rocco is very vulnerable to crowd controls himself, not being the fastest naut around and having only a single jump. Employ these effects to bring him down more easily.
  • Rocco can be difficult to approach head on due to his long range. Consider surprising him by using hude areas and/or by attacking from unexpected angle (such as from above or below).