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Voiced by: Jeffrey Zuhdy

Official Steam Store Description[ | ]

This announcer can be purchased at the Steam Store.

Zippy Starburst is undoubtedly the biggest rock legend on this side of the Galaxy, ever since he started touring in the mid 3570's. His long and colorful history includes the introduction of head-tentacle banging and the ground-breaking album 'The rise and rise of Zippy Starburst and the Worms from Sorona'.

It turns out Zippy is a big fan of the Awesomenauts and their robot-blasting adventures. So when asked to commentate some of the recent battles taking place, he was happy to oblige. And as with everything Zippy does, he gave it his all.

The Rockstar Announcer can be activated from the character select menu or the in-game menu. Activating this Announcer will replace the default announcements made during regular gameplay with a whole new set.

Quotes[ | ]

Base and Turrets[ | ]

Attacks against an allied turret:[ | ]

▶️"T-t-t-t-t-t-turret under attack!"

▶️"They're at the turrets!"

▶️*guitar* "Whoa, come on! Don't let me down!" *guitar*

▶️"Your turret's on fire!"


Allied turret low on health:[ | ]

▶️"Almost Loooost!"

▶️"Turret going dooown!"

Allied turret lost:[ | ]

▶️"Turret dooown!"

▶️"They took your turret, it's time for a c-c-c-comeback!"

Enemy turret destroyed:[ | ]

▶️"Glorious destruction!"

▶️"Glorious destruction!"

▶️"Turret's down! What a crowd, what a show!"

▶️"Their turret's down! Alright!"

Allies around enemy Solar Drill area:[ | ]

▶️"Your team is in the enemy base!"

▶️"Victory is cleeear!" - A reference to Awesomenauts main theme.

▶️"Victory's in siiight!" - A reference to Awesomenauts main theme.

Enemies around Solar Drill area:[ | ]

▶️"They're at the gaaates!"

▶️"Heeere they cooome!"

Solar Drill being attacked:[ | ]

▶️"They're setting up TNT! Uh Uh Uh!" - A reference to TNT[1] by AC/DC[2].

▶️"Awesome-nauuuts, protect your base!" - A reference to Awesomenauts main theme.

▶️"Your base is... under sieeege!"

Solar Drill at 1/3 health and below:[ | ]

▶️"Your base is heavily damaged!"

▶️"Hangin' by thread!"

▶️"Base is going up in flaaames!"

▶️"The base is ready to explooooooOOOODE!"

Connection[ | ]

Player connects:[ | ]

▶️"For those about to rock, we salute you!" - A reference to For Those About to Rock We Salute You[3], by AC/DC.

Player disconnects:[ | ]

▶️"A player has disconnected!"

▶️"Get out of my audience!"

Kills and Deaths[ | ]

Player death:[ | ]

▶️"You have been killed! Oh!"

▶️"Don't get mad, get eeeven!" - A reference to Don't Get Mad, Get Even by Aerosmith[4].

▶️"Oh the devil, he may take you!" - A reference to the Whiskey in the Jar[5] cover by Metallica[6].

▶️"T-t-t-time for a t-t-timeout!"

First 'naut killed by another 'naut:[ | ]


▶️"First one down!"

▶️"First blood! Give it all you got!"

Teammate killed:[ | ]

▶️"An ally has been killed!"

▶️"An ally's dooown!"

▶️"They went up in smoooke!"

▶️"An ally's been... thunderstruck! THUNDERSTRUCK!" - A reference to Thunderstruck[7] by AC/DC.

Enemy death:[ | ]

▶️"An enemy's defeateeed!"

▶️"Another one (another one! another one!) bites the dust!" - A reference to Another One Bites the Dust[8] by Queen[9].

▶️"One down! Time for an encore!"

▶️"An enemy eliminated! OH YEAH!"

All 'nauts in the same team are dead at the same time:[ | ]

▶️"All wiped ooout!"

▶️"They're all deeead!"

▶️"Wipeout! Excellent!"

'naut killstreak #1:[ | ]

▶️"Killing spreeeeeEEE!"

▶️"Kill-kill-killing spree!"

▶️"You're-a rock an' rollin' an' rollin' an' rollin'!"

▶️"Party tiiime!"

'naut killstreak #2:[ | ]

▶️"Killing machine! Ah!"

▶️"Heavy metal machiiine!"

▶️"It's a one-man show!"

'naut killstreak #3:[ | ]


▶️"Rock god!"

▶️"Reigning Supreme!"

Blue team killing spree:[ | ]

▶️"Bluuue domination!"

▶️"The reds are playing like a boyband! Uhuhhh!"

Red team killing spree:[ | ]

▶️"Reeed domination!"

▶️"The blues are playing like a boyband! Uhuhhh!"

Team killing spree #2:[ | ]


▶️"I wanna hear you all sing along!"

Player kills 2 enemy 'nauts in a short amount of time:[ | ]

▶️"D-d-d-double kill!"


▶️"Double kill, with sex appeal!"

Player kills 3 enemy 'nauts in a short amount of time:[ | ]

▶️"Triple! Triple! Triple kill!"

Enemy killing spree:[ | ]

▶️"Enemy killing spreeeee!"

▶️"Enemy's on a spree!"

'Naut killed by turret, creeps or droids:[ | ]

▶️"Groupy fodder!"


Match over[ | ]

Match lost:[ | ]


▶️"Your face was melteeed"

▶️"You win some, you lose some, it's all the same to meee!" - A reference to Ace of Spades[10] by Motörhead[11].

▶️"Shoow's over, time to go hooome!"

▶️"Bow your head in shaaame!"

▶️"You live to fight another daaay!"

Match won:[ | ]

▶️"Victoryyy! Victoryyy! Victoryyy!"

▶️"Weee are the champions! (We are the champions!)" - A reference to We Are the Champions[12] by Queen.

▶️"Thank you all! Good night!" *guitar*

▶️"You're the world's most awesome band!"

▶️"That's it, everybody! *guitar* Thank you! You're the best crowd ever!"

▶️Crowd: "We want more! We want more! We want more! We want more!" Zippy: "Thank you! Haha! Thank you all!!

Shop[ | ]

Insufficent Solar:[ | ]

▶️"You need money, it's a hit!" - A reference to Money[13] by Pink Floyd[14].

▶️"In your pocket, not ooonee penny!"

▶️"You're down and out!"

▶️"You can't beg or borrow!" - A reference to Runnin' with the Devil[15] by Van Halen[16].

Spawn/Respawn[ | ]

Waiting for the countdown.[ | ]

▶️*Crowd cheer, guitar, microphone, drums*

▶️"Let me see some hands!"

▶️"Everybody! Let me see some hands!"

▶️"Are you ready to ROCK?!"

▶️"Everybody ready?!"

▶️"It's feeling hot tonight! Come on!"

▶️"Facemelting time!"

Countdown to Drop Pod launch:[ | ]

▶️"One! Two! One, Two, Three, Four!"

▶️"Let's Jaaam!"

Droppod Launched[ | ]

▶️"Let's rooock!" *guitar*

▶️"In a droppod to hell!" - A reference to Highway to Hell[17] by AC/DC.

▶️"Going down... in a blaze of glory!" - A reference to Blaze of Glory[18] by Bon Jovi[19].

▶️"Go, my son and ROCK!" - A reference to Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny[20].

▶️"Heavy metal droppod!"

▶️"Let's gooo!"

▶️"Let's get the show on the road!"

▶️"Pull! The! Trigger!" - Possible reference to Shoot to Thrill[21] by AC/DC.

Droids about to spawn:[ | ]

▶️"Roadies to the stage in five seconds!"

Droids first spawn in the match:[ | ]

▶️"The gates are open!"

▶️"Give it up for the roadies!"

▶️"The charge begiiins!"

Showcase[ | ]

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