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Shop Icons qitara skill b upgrade a Salty Seal [edit] Item 5 solar 145

Grants Qi'Tara a shield that reduces the duration of slows, stuns, snares, chains, gravity and time warps while it's active.

Instructions: rub the beast gently to season your food. Do not shake it! It will get upset.

Upgrade Lv1
Crowd control duration -100%
Shield Health 100 (157)

Salty Seal is an upgrade for IconQitara Qi'Tara'sUI Skillbutton qitara Flurry Seven Star Strike.

Description[ | ]

Qi'Tara gains a shield that completely protects her from Slows, stuns, snares, tethers, gravity and timewarps while Seven Star Strike is active. The shield has 100 health and will break if it takes enough damage. The shield's health scales with team levels.

In-game look[ | ]