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Backstory[ | ]

The Scoop of Justice or Scoop for short, is a brave Gelati knight. The Gelati are brilliant craftsmen famous for their delicious Castle Ice Cream. The gelatinous knights gather snow and ice from different planets and mix them with sweet candies and fruits. Although cocoa trees haven't been seen for ages and they are thought to be extinct, the Gelati see it as their holy duty to find a real piece of chocolate and create the ultimate flavour of ice cream: stracciatella.

On AI Station 205 the Awesomenauts are gathered to protect the universe from the dangerous 'Sisterhood of Coba'. The Sisterhood is planning an invasion from the Omicron dimension, using a space bridge in the eye of the space storm. Scoop was assigned by the lords of his house, the house of the triple scoop, to aid the Awesomenauts in protecting the universe from the new Omicron threat. Secretly Scoop also hopes to find a chocolate bar on one of Zork's vendor machines.

Quotes[ | ]

Voice actor: Anthony "Antfish" Sardinha

Taunts[ | ]

▶️"I'm rubber and you are glue!"

▶️"Begone spawn of darkness!" - A reference to the Warcraft III[1] priest.

▶️"You're all slushies!"

▶️"Prepare for 500 flavors of pain!" - Reference to Baskin-Robbins' tagline "31 Flavors"

▶️"The ice age is upon you!"

▶️"Freeze in hell!"

Help[ | ]

▶️"D'oh! Brainfreeze!"

▶️"Brothers and sisters, to me!"

▶️"Face this peril with me!"

▶️"Rally to me!"

Attack[ | ]

▶️"Time's up! Let's do this!" - A reference to Leeroy Jenkins [2]

▶️"Time to serve some cold justice!"

▶️"For king and country!"

▶️"For great justice!" - A reference to the poor translation of the game Zero Wing [3]

▶️"Into the breach!"

▶️"SPOOOOOOOON!" - A reference to The Tick [4]

Defend[ | ]

▶️"Keep it cool and fall back!"

▶️"Stay frosty!"

▶️"They're storming the gates!"

▶️"To the barricades!"

Purchase[ | ]

▶️"Sweet loot!"

▶️"An epic treasure!"

▶️"A mighty weapon!"

Teleporting[ | ]

▶️"Time to cool off. Heading back."

▶️"Whoops! Left the fridge open. Be right back!"

▶️"Time to lick my wounds."

Chosen[ | ]

▶️"To the victor goes the spoils!"

▶️"Scoop da whoop!" - A reference to Shoop da Whoop[5]

▶️"One scoop of justice coming up!"

Drop Pod In[ | ]

▶️"One scoop of justice coming up!"

▶️"Scoop da whoop!"

▶️"Experience the delicious taste of justice!"

▶️"Winter is coming!" - A reference to Game of Thrones[6]

▶️"The might of the ice cream knight is always right!"

▶️"You have my sword!" - A reference to The Lord of the Rings[7]

▶️"Just-ice or justice?"

▶️"Today's flavor is retribution."

Killing Blow[ | ]

▶️"Cold as ice." - A reference to the Foreigner song 'Cold As Ice'.[8]



▶️"Outstanding!" - A possible reference to the Soldier voice command in Team Fortress 2 [9]

▶️"Another foe melts in the face of justice!"

▶️"Justice a la mode!" - Refers to the dessert "Pie a la mode"[10], "a la mode" meaning "with ice cream"

Killing Spree[ | ]

▶️"To the victor goes the spoils!"

▶️"Now that's what I call snowballing!"

▶️"Such sweet success!"

▶️"Cool as a cucumber"

Being Hit[ | ]














On Death[ | ]






▶️"That was... not... cool..."

▶️"Willing... to sacrifice..." - A reference to the Foreigner song 'Cold As Ice'.

▶️"I'm... melting..." - Possible reference to The Wicked Witch of the West[11] from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz[12]

▶️"A noble sacrifice..."

Using Frozen Hammer[ | ]

▶️"Everybody! Freeze!"

▶️"Hammer time!" - A reference to the song "U Can't Touch This" [13]


Using Binding of Justice[ | ]



Wraithlord Scoop Quotes[ | ]

Taunts[ | ]

▶️"I will have my revenge!"

▶️"Begone, wretches!"

▶️"Hold your tongue!"

▶️"A pox upon you, and your kind!"

▶️"The guilty will suffer!"

Help[ | ]


▶️"The Doomblade calls!"

▶️"I am fading!"

Attack[ | ]


▶️"Drive them back!"

▶️"For vengeance!"

▶️"Take our revenge!"

▶️"The Doomblade hungers!" - Likely a reference to a quote from The Lich King in Warcraft[14].

Defend[ | ]




Purchase[ | ]

▶️"An ancient artifact!"

▶️"Relics of vengeance!"

▶️"Dark antiques!"

Teleporting[ | ]

▶️"Back to my lair!"

▶️"I'll return... with a vengeance!"

▶️"I take my leave."

Chosen[ | ]

▶️"I am darkness!"

▶️"I will pass the sentence!"


Drop Pod In[ | ]

▶️"I am darkness!"

▶️"Experience the malicious taste of vengeance!"

▶️"I am the hand of vengeance!"

▶️"I will pass the sentence!"

▶️"I walk the dark path!"

▶️"I sought justice, but there was none!"

▶️"Vengeance calls to me!"

▶️"The Doomblade whispers to me!"

Killing Blow[ | ]

▶️"Revenge is mine!"

▶️"Vengeance has been dealt!"

▶️"Darkness hungers!"


▶️"Vengeance is a dish best served cold!"

▶️"In cold blood!"

Killing Spree[ | ]

▶️"I am the avatar of vengeance!"

▶️"By the dark flavors of the Void!"

▶️"Judge, jury and executioner!"

▶️"Vengeance has come!"

Being Hit[ | ]












On Death[ | ]

▶️"Worth... it..."



▶️"This... cannot... be!"

▶️"I will be avenged!"

Using Frozen Hammer[ | ]





Using Binding of Justice[ | ]



Bravely Scoop IV: Eternal Fantasy Quotes[ | ]

Taunts[ | ]

▶️"Wait 'til you see my summon!"

▶️"Can't hear you over the sound of my muteness!"

▶️"I once impaled someone with my hair. No big deal!"

▶️"You're all just minor NPCs..." - NPC stands for "non-player character".

▶️"You think this hairdo fingerteases itself into shape?"

▶️"Hah! You probably don't even have a final form!" - A reference to a line from Dragon Ball Z[15], and the image macro based on it.

Help[ | ]

▶️"This battle is so random..."

▶️"Tent needed!"

▶️"Anyone got a potion?"

▶️"Help a hero out!"

Attack[ | ]



▶️"Battle Ahoy!"

▶️"The battle begins!"

▶️"Time for some XP!"

▶️"Join my party!"

▶️"Select an attack!"

Defend[ | ]


▶️"Random battle incoming!"

▶️"Where's the backup?!"

▶️"Defensive option!"

Purchase[ | ]

▶️"Oh, so many pouches to fill!"

▶️"I'm swimming in crystals here!"

▶️"Shouldn't I get this for free?"

▶️"Bigger weapons!"

▶️"Does this come with a free room?"

▶️"Merchant run!"

▶️"I've bought it at a high price!"

▶️"What are you selli- nevermind, bought it already."

Teleporting[ | ]

▶️"Back to my hometown!"

▶️"Blow the whistle!"

▶️"To the airship!" - A reference to the Final Fantasy[16] franchise.

▶️"Ugh, can't open this chest yet."

▶️"Awesomenauts... abridged!" - A reference to Scoop's voice actor, who's known for his work with Team Four Star[17]

Chosen[ | ]

▶️"Silent... but awesome!"

▶️"Select: Hammer"

▶️"My weapon is outrageous!"

Drop Pod In[ | ]

▶️"This is an overly complicated plot!"

▶️"They burned my hometown to the ground!"

▶️"I lost my memory!"

▶️"There's a sinister organization hunting me!"

▶️"They're trying to raise a dead god... from the future!" - A reference to Chrono Trigger[18].

▶️"I have to get to the nearby town festival!"

▶️"The princess is terribly lost right now!"

▶️"An emotionally disturbed villain challenges me!"

▶️"There are crystals that I need to save... or something."

▶️"Could someone explain the plot to me again?"

▶️*Mumbles* "I just woke up, I just woke up!"

▶️"I'm sorry, which timeline is this again?!"

▶️"My weapon is outrageous!"

▶️"I flew an airship once!" - A reference to the Final Fantasy franchise.

▶️"This is my Final Tale of Scoop!"

▶️"These clothes are very impractical... Hey, but they're cool!"

Killing Blow[ | ]

▶️"Was this your final form?" - A reference to a line from Dragon Ball Z, and the image macro based on it.

▶️"Experience gained!"

▶️"Rrrandom battle!"

▶️"Silent... but awesome!"

▶️"Did I level up?"

▶️"Experience points!"

▶️"Ugh, filler enemies."

▶️"Just grinding!"

Killing Spree[ | ]

▶️"I caught them all!" - A reference to Pokémon's[19] tagline "Gotta catch 'em all!"

▶️"Begone, random battles!"

▶️"No more Mr. Nice Hero!"


▶️"And you thought I was harmless!"

Being Hit[ | ]












On Death[ | ]

▶️"Phoenix down!"

▶️"I usually talk in dot dot dots..."

▶️"Dot... dot... dot..."

▶️"Too... many... forms..."

▶️"Unfair boss fight..."


▶️"JRPGs... are tough..."

Using Frozen Hammer[ | ]

▶️"Ha! Surprised?"

▶️"Needles to say..."

▶️"Stay awhile, hah!"


▶️"Stand still!"

▶️"Select: Hammer"

Using Binding of Justice[ | ]

▶️"I rolled a healer?!"

▶️"Healing summon!"

▶️"I've got a potion!"

▶️"Select: Heal"

▶️"Healing stance!"

▶️"Love Powered Soul Fortify!"

Encountering Japanese-themed 'nauts/skins[ | ]

▶️"S-senpai!" - A reference to the "I hope Senpai notices me" meme[20].

Nauts In-Game Look[ | ]

Character[ | ]


Default skin.


Default skin.


Wraithlord Scoop.


Wraithlord Scoop.


Roboscoop. (Donated by Nodja)


Roboscoop. (Donated by Nodja)


Bravely Scoop IV - Eternal Fantasy.


Bravely Scoop IV - Eternal Fantasy.

Minimap Icon[ | ]

Ui minimap player paladin 0

Scoreboard Icon[ | ]

Classicon Paladin

Skin Information[ | ]

Wraithlord Scoop[ | ]


Once an avatar of Justice itself, Wraithlord Scoop is the twisted resurrection of a once benevolent warrior. On his new dark path this once noble spirit has now been consumed by an unending vengeance. Ancient prophecies have been discovered that speak of the Wraithlord's legendary dark weapon, Doomblade. It is said that unless a being of pure spirit exorcises this Doomblade, the dark powers within it resurrect the Wraithlord each time he is slain... - Official Steam Store descrption.

This skin gives Scoop the looks of an archetypical death knight with dark skull-shaped armor, claw-shaped gauntlets sharped shoulderplates and a hood. His normal grin is replaced with clenched teeth and he looks ghostly instead of made of gelatin. His sword has a different design as well. Wraithlord Scoop also leaves behind a trail of smoke whenever he moves.

Frozen Hammer looks more detailed and has a skull engraved on it. Binding of Justice also has a different animation, with strips of fabric coming out of Scoop in a pattern.

Being premium, this skin comes with custom voice acting and voice lines.

Roboscoop[ | ]

Note: RoboScoop is only available as a special event and cannot not be bought. Developers have confirmed he will never be purchasable


In the dystopic and crime-ridden Omicron dimension, a terminally delicious cop returns to the Awesomenauts as a powerful Gelati cyborg haunted by submerged dreams of long lost chocolate… The Killer Koala’s expand their formidable team once more with the arrival of RoboScoop. Are you ready? - Official 2.9 Patchlog

This skin is a robotic version of Scoop. He seems to be a reference to the RoboCop[21] series. He is composed of a yellow body, team themed secondary colors and tertiary colors. He gains a glowing visor and a set of futuristic armor. The armor has a strap over the shoulder and a kilt at the bottom. Instead of a right arm, he simply has a metal rod that is jointed into a hammer. His left arm becomes metallic and ends with a glove. His sword gains a handguard and the main blade is now made of a laser between two rods, which leaves an afterimage. He leaves behind a hexagonal pattern in his movement and skills.

Frozen Hammer now has a single stripe and has X's on the sides and O's on the bases. Binding looks almost identical with the exception of hexagons printed on it. Sword swings make lightsaber-like sound effects when swung, hammer makes a phase-like sound, and bindings make a electric charging sound when starting up and an electric discharge when ending.

Bravely Scoop IV: Eternal Fantasy[ | ]

Scoop 004 JRPG

A hero's journey is filled with many great challenges. Like saving the townfolk from a mysterious invading army from another dimension, that's headed up by a hooded figure who's actually being manipulated by an otherworldly dragon who'll morph into a demon when close to being defeated. It's all in a day's work for Bravely Scoop in Bravely Scoop IV: Eternal Fantasy!

This DLC contains a custom skin for Scoop in Awesomenauts, and comes with a fully customized voice set! - Official Steam Store description.

This skin gives Scoop leather armour with fur lining, belts, buckles, a satchel, and a potion. His shoulder pads become metallic grey with bolts on them and he wears a glove on his off-hand. He has spiky hair which is blonde on red team and purple on blue. His sword is changed to resembled the Buster Sword[22].

Sword Slash has new sound effects, and the sword glows green while it's being swung. Two "Skooples" appear beside Scoop during Binding of Justice. The swords from Banner of the Triple Scoop are also changed into Buster Swords. Frozen Hammer has additional details added to it. In addition to raising his sword while teleporting, Scoop now opens a menu with the options "Attack", "Justice", and "Teleport", and chooses teleport.

Being premium, this skin comes with custom voice acting and voice lines.

Awesomenaut Showcase[ | ]

Wraithlord Scoop Showcase[ | ]

Bravely Scoop IV: Eternal Fantasy Showcase[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • Scoop is a character that was intentionally designed to be beginner friendly, in order to ease new players into the game.
  • Scoop's theme was made using an actual trumpet. It is not digitized.
  • Scoop's sword can be seen impaled in a worm in the background of AI Station 205. This was originally a teaser, added prior to his announcement.
  • The backstory and voice lines of Wraithlord Scoop seem to reference the story of Prince Arthas[23] from the Warcraft[24] franchise.
  • RoboScoop's name and backstory seem to reference the RoboCop movie series.
  • RoboScoop is the fifth member of the Killer Koalas.
  • RoboScoop is the only skin that cannot be directly purchased or obtained via downloads.
  • Wraithlord Scoop is the first premium skin to have an announcer based on it.
  • Bravely Scoop IV: Eternal Fantasy's name is a reference to Bravely Default[25] and Final Fantasy[26].
  • Scoop is one of the "beginner nauts" and, as such, is can be played for free by players who are below profile level 8.

References[ | ]