Awesomenauts Wiki

UI Skillbutton Paladin Hammer

Frozen Hammer [edit]
Throw out a hammer of ice that snares multiple enemies. The longer it flies, the more damage you deal and the longer the snare lasts.
Minimum Damage 150 (235.5)
Maximum Damage 230 (361.1)
Cooldown 7.5s
Minimum snare duration 0.2s
Maximum snare duration 0.8s
Range 17

UI Skillbutton Paladin Attack

Sword Strike [edit]
Scoop alternates between a direct slash and a sweeping cleave attack that heals you.
Slash Damage 105 (164.85)
Attack speed 144
Range 3.4
Cleave Damage 60 (94.2)
Attack speed 132
Range 3.9
Lifesteal 30%

UI Skillbutton Paladin Heal

Binding Of Justice [edit]
Wrap yourself in healing bindings which heal you and damage your enemies.
Damage 180 (282.6)
Heal 300 (471)
Cooldown 13.5s
Explosion radius 9
Charge time 1s

UI Skillbutton Paladin Jump

Wobbling Jump [edit]
Being a gelatinous being helps in performing high wobbling jumps.
Jump Height 7.8
Jumps 1