Awesomenauts Wiki

Playing As:[ | ]

  • With a large enough health pool, a powerful ranged ability and multiple ways of healing himself, Scoop is a suitable 'naut for beginners.
  • Confused by the Sword Strike animation? The vertical attacks are "cleaves" and will damage and lifesteal from all targets hit for lower damage, while the horizontal attacks are "slashes" and will hit just one target with no lifesteal for higher damage.
  • Remember: Frozen Hammer increases in damage and snare duration the further it travels. Learn its maximum range to use it at its full power as often as possible.
  • Frozen Hammer will bounce off of terrain, but not off of glass platforms. Keep that in mind so your hammer doesn't go where you don't want it to.
  • Frozen Hammer can hit multiple targets at once, but it will not hit the same target twice.
  • Using Yellow Snow Cone may make it easier for you to reach your enemies for a damaging Binding Of Justice and/or Sword Strikes. It is great for escaping enemies as well.
  • Binding Of Justice will heal you AND damage nearby enemies once it finishes charging up. Use it to turn the tables on your opponents.
  • Consider taking The Holy Cup to heal your teammates, if they're having trouble surviving or staying in the lane.
  • Since cleaving strikes can hit multiple targets, try and use Sword Strike in crowds of enemies such as droids.
  • It is possible to become a more powerful brawler by purchasing upgrades such as The Penguin Throne and Titanium Coneshield.

Playing With:[ | ]

  • Support-oriented 'nauts may find it more viable to use slightly more aggressive loadouts, as Scoop has several ways of sustaining himself.
  • If your ability is hard to land, try to save it for when Scoop snares your enemies with Frozen Hammer.
  • Scoop is generally not great when it comes to pushing, so consider picking a 'naut that can compensate for this weakness.
  • Stay close to Scoop if he has upgrades like Spoonman and The Holy Cup. It'll benefit the both of you.

Playing Against:[ | ]

  • Avoid dueling Scoop near your own droids: he has innate lifesteal.
  • Beware of Frozen Hammer: it has a deceptively large hitbox.
  • With a relatively large amount of health, innate lifesteal that can be further improved and four different healing effects, one of which is innate, Scoop may be very difficult to kill. Try approaching him with your team and bursting him down.
  • Scoop may have lots of upgrades aimed of survivability, but his overall damage output isn't among the highest at the beginning of the game. Try to disrupt his farm or even kill him, before he can become a more serious threat.
  • Banner Of The Triple Scoop is more dangerous than it may look. Avoid being close to Scoop before he's used his Binding Of Justice at all costs.
  • Avoid being lined/grouped up against Scoop, or your whole team may end up snared.
  • Scoop has a lot of sustain, but low health (for a tank) and no shields. Use burst damage to kill him more reliably.
  • If you have access to displacement or knockback abilities, separating Scoop from his teammates will deny him the Spoonman bonus if he's using this upgrade.
  • Use silencing effects to prevent Scoop from healing with Binding Of Justice.
  • Binding Of Justice is Scoop's best burst option, but it's also his most powerful sustain. Try to draw it out of him before using your burst so he doesn't benefit from the healing as much.
  • The Holy Cup enables Scoop to heal his teammates for a fraction of the effect using Binding Of Justice. Be careful when engaging his team, or he may turn the tables on your own team.