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Multiplies the colours to the two textures, generally making them darker. If the second texture is white, then it has no effect, since white means multiplying by 1.


Multiplies the colours of the two textures, and then multiplies the result by 2. This is basically the same MULTIPLY, except that you can also make something brighter this way. A grey texture (rgb 127) has no effect. Darker than grey makes the result darker, while brighter than grey makes the result brighter. The result is that MULTIPLY_X_2 can be used kind of as a combination of both MULTIPLY (darker) and ADD (brighter) at the same time.

ADD[ | ]




Gradient map is a SecondaryTextureOperation: it combines two textures. It can be controlled through secondaryColour. This is what its values do:

  • Red/Blue: levels effect, similar to Levels in Photoshop. Set to red=0 and blue=255 for default.
  • Alpha: fade between modified colours and original colours. Set to alpha=255 for full effect, or alpha=0 for no effect at all.
Gradient map