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Backstory[ | ]

Deep in the bowels of the derelict station, an army of killer robots remain deactivated in storage containers, withering away to rust. The remaining functional robots futilely await the moment they are called back into action by masters who are now long dead. Centuries pass without any activity aboard the drifting colossal station. Not until the station’s backup systems flare back to life, providing enough energy to reactivate some of the still operational robots. One of these is known as Sentry.

Sentry is a special infiltration and reconnaissance unit whose prime directive “If you can’t beat ‘m, join ‘m, and then beat ‘m anyway cause they won’t expect it” has served his kind in many a war. Being clearly built for stealth, fooling enemy troops by mimicking anything from an umbrella to a designer coffee table, he is the first to be sent onto the battlefield to gather intel. After emerging from his stasis and discovering an enemy mercenary ship that has landed on the Starstorm, he snuck himself aboard, disguised as an inconspicuous Phone Booth.

After overhearing the crew that the robots lost the AI war and that his comrades have been turned into kitchen and household appliances, he reprogrammed himself for vengeance and planned to destroy them all! He now works, undercover, for the Awesomenauts until he has gathered enough Solar to buy a very serious tank, one with a shark printed on the front!

Quotes[ | ]

Theme song lyrics[ | ]

You have a collect call from:

You have a collect call from:

I am error.

Press 2 for killing spree!

Voice actor: Tim Scheel (Sentry), Hiroshi Wijmer (Giga Sentorii Premium Skin), Chimène van Oosterhout (Sentry's Operator), Stefan Leertouwer (Mr. Death), Sonic Picnic staff (Specimen X-58)

Taunts[ | ]

▶️Sentry: "Collect call from:" Man: "I'm... mister Death!" Sentry: "Accept the charges!"

▶️"Your momma was a... snowblower." - A reference to Short Circuit.[1]

▶️"Beep. Boop. Maggot." - A reference to the Soldier from Team Fortress 2[2].

▶️"Your refrigerator is running. Why aren't you?"

▶️"I've calculated your chance of survival, but you won't like it." - A likely reference to Marvin the manically depressed robot from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy[3].

▶️"Your life is on the line."

▶️"You really grind my gears." - A reference to a Family Guy sketch.[4]

▶️"Resistance is futile." - Reference to the Borg[5] alien race from Star Trek[6].

▶️"Put down your weapon. You have 20 seconds to comply." - A reference to RoboCop[7].

Help[ | ]

▶️"Hello! Requesting handshake."


▶️Operator: "You have a collect call from:" Sentry: "Help me!"

▶️Operator: "You have a collect call from:" Sentry: "Help me!"

▶️"They saw through my disguise!"

Attack[ | ]

▶️"Exterminate!" - A reference to the Daleks[8] from Doctor Who[9], aliens who are well known for this particular word.

▶️"Awesomenauts, roll out!" - A reference to Transformers[10].


▶️"Offensive Protocol: S58.471 engaged!"

Defend[ | ]

▶️"Danger! Danger!" - A reference to Lost In Space.

▶️"This is an emergency broadcast transmission!"

▶️"Seek shelter immediatly!"

▶️"The evacuation has begun."

▶️"Enemy attack pattern analyzed. Defensive protocol initiated."

Purchase[ | ]

▶️"Transfering Solar. Please wait."

▶️"Hardware installation: Successful."

▶️"Charges: Accepted."

▶️"Transaction: Complete."

Teleporting[ | ]

▶️"Any claims that I may be scheming to kill you are all incorrect."

▶️"Incoming call!" *phone rings* "Be right back!"

▶️"I'm not going back to plan your eventual demise."

▶️"Sentry phone home." - A reference to E.T., the Extra-Terrestrial[11].

Chosen[ | ]

▶️"Rolling, rolling, rolling."

▶️"It's for you."

▶️"Connection established."

Drop Pod In[ | ]

▶️"Sentry unit online. Servo mechanisms engaged."

▶️"Statement: I am most eager to engage in some uncensored violence." - A reference to HK-47, a character in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic[12].

▶️"I. Am. Error." - A reference to a character who says "I am error" from The Legend of Zelda II - The Adventure of Link.[13]

▶️"I am... ERROR! ERROR!"

▶️"Rest assured: I have no master plan to erradicate all organic life in the universe."

▶️"100% trustworthy."

▶️"Tinker. Tailor. Soldier. Spy." - A reference to the novel and movie adaption "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy"[14]

▶️"Execute function: Control + Shift + Kill."

▶️"It is an umbrella? Is it a phone booth? Look! It's Sentry." - A reference to Superman[15].

▶️"Estimated chance of victory: 78.2%"

▶️"Estimated chance of victory: 42.3%"

Killing Blow[ | ]

▶️"Your connection has been terminated!" *Beeps*

▶️"I'm afraid I can't let you do that." - A reference to HAL 9000[16] from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey.[17]

▶️"Life? Don't talk to me about life." - A reference to Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

▶️"It looks like you're *beeps* dying. Would you like some assistance with that?" - A reference to Clippy/Clippit/Office Assistant[18], a help tool in pre-2007 versions of microsoft office.

▶️"Killed by an umbrella-ella-ella." - A reference to Rihanna.[19]

▶️"Organic anomaly removed."

▶️"Rolling, rolling, rolling."

Killing Spree[ | ]

▶️"Press 2 for killing spree." *Beep*

▶️"NEVER see me coming."

▶️"The person you're trying to reach is on a killing spree."

▶️"One shall stand, three shall fall." - A reference to Transformers

▶️"M-m-m-m-m-megakill!" - A reference to the Unreal Tournament[20] announcer phrase for consecutive kills.

▶️"I have assumed control. I have assumed control." - A reference to the final lines of the song 2112 by Rush[21]

Being Hit[ | ]










On Death[ | ]

▶️"Backup generator not responding...


▶️"Sentry Downnnn..."

▶️"No disassemble! No disassembleeeeee..." - A reference to Short Circuit.




Using Black Hole Sun (Shield)[ | ]

▶️"Raise shields!"

▶️"Diverting auxiliary power to shields."

Using Teleport Beacon[ | ]

▶️"Sentry phone home."

▶️"Any claims that I may be scheming to kill you are all incorrect."'

▶️"I'm not going back to plan your eventual demise."

▶️"Incoming call!" *phone rings* "Be right back!"

Killing Ted McPain[ | ]

▶️"Ha ha ha ha, McPain. Ha ha ha ha." - A reference to Mandark from the show Dexter's Laboratory. [22]

Killing Sentry X-58[ | ]

▶️There can be only ONE!" - A reference to the film Highlander. [23]

Killing Skree[ | ]

▶️"No more stealing parts for you."

Killing Penny Fox[ | ]

▶️"Bye-bye, Penny."

Idle[ | ]



▶️"Your Momma!"

Unused/Unknown[ | ]

▶️"Tat tat tat tat!"

▶️"Pow!" - Possible reference to one of the Heavy's taunts in Team Fortress 2

▶️"Super massive black hole!" - Reference to the Muse[24] song of the same name

Giga Sentorii Quotes[ | ]

Giga Sentorii's lines may not be literal translations of the original quotes. Below you can find The quote in Japanese language, its phonetic translation and its English translation respectively.

Taunts[ | ]

▶️Sentorii: 死神からの電話だ、Man: "I'm... mister Death!" Sentorii: 回答しろ Sentorii: "Shinigami kara no denwa da" Man: "I'm... mister Death!" Sentorii: "Kaitou shiro" (Sentry: "Collect call from a death god: " Man: "I'm... mister Death!". Sentry: "Accept the charges!")

▶️お前の母計算機はだった Omae no haha ha keisanki Datta (Your mama was a snowblower!)

▶️Bleep Bloop ゴキブリ Bleep Bloop gokiburi (Bleep! Bloop! Maggot!)

▶️何故、お前逃げない? Naze omae nigenai (Why aren't you running?)

▶️お前の生存の確率を計算した、答えは気に入らないと思う Omae no seizon no kakuritsu wo keisan shita, kotae ha ki ni iranai to omou (I've calculated your chance of survival, but I don't think you'd like it.)

▶️お前はもう死んでいる Omae wa mo shindeiru (You are already dead.) - A reference to Kenshiro[25] from Hokuto no Ken[26].

▶️本当にむかつく野郎だな、ギヤが苦しんでいる Hontou ni mukatsuku yarou dana, giya ga kurushindeiru (You really grind my gears.)

▶️抵抗は無駄だ Teikou ha muda da (Resistance is futile!)

▶️20秒以内に銃を離さないと後悔させる 20byou inai ni jyuu wo hanasanaito koukai saseru (If you don't put down your weapon in less than 20 seconds, you will regret it.)

Help[ | ]

▶️応答せよ、誰か応答せよ! Outou seyo dareka outou seyo (Hello, is anybody there?)

▶️緊急事態! Kinkyu jitai (EMERGENCY!)

▶️Operator: "You have a collect call from:" Sentorii: 助けてくれ! Operator: "You have a collect call from:" Sentorii: "Tasukete kure" (Operator: "You have a collect call from:" Sentry: "HELP ME!")

▶️この機の偽装が見抜かれた! Kono ki no giso, minukareta! (They saw through my disguise!)

Attack[ | ]

▶️ゼツメツ スル Zetsumetsu suru (Exterminate!)

▶️Awesomenauts,発進! Awesomenauts, hasshin! (Awesomenauts, roll out!)

▶️破壊する Hakai suru (DESTROY!)

▶️攻撃プロトコルS58.471開始する Kougeki purotokoru S58.471 kaishi suru. (Offensive protocol S58.471 engaged.)

Defend[ | ]

▶️危険、危険! Kiken, kiken! (DANGER, DANGER!)

▶️これは緊急放送送信 Koreha kinkyuu housou soushin (This is an emergency broadcast transmission.)

▶️すぐに避難しろ! Sugu ni hinan shiro (Seek shelter immediately!)

▶️避難開始中 Hinan kaishi tyuu(The evacuation has begun!)

▶️敵の攻撃パターン分析した:守備プロトコル開始 Teki no kougeki pataan bunshin shita: shubi purotocooru kaishi. (Enemy attack pattern analysed: defensive protocol initiated.)

Purchase[ | ]

▶️ソーラー転移中。お待ちください So-ra- tenii tyuu. Omatsi kudasai (Transferring Solar. Please wait...)

▶️機械設備完了 Kikaisetsubi kanryou (Hardware installation successful.)

▶️回線費用を受ける Kaisen hiyou wo ukeru (Charges accepted.)

Teleporting[ | ]

▶️この機がキミらを破壊する噂は全部嘘 Konoki ga kimira wo hakai suru uwasa ha zenbu us (All rumors that I may be scheming to kill you are incorrect.)

▶️電話着信、すぐに戻る Denwa tyakushin, sugu ni modoru (Incoming call. Be right back.)

▶️お前の破壊を巧む為に戻ると思うな Omae no hakai wo takumu tame ni modoru to omou na (I'm not going back to plan for your eventual demise, if that's what you think.)

▶️セントリー、フオーン、ホーム Sentorii, phoon homu (Sentry phone home.)

▶️間もなく電池切れ Mamonaku, dentsi gire (My battery is running low.)

Chosen[ | ]

▶️ピカピカ Pika pika (Pew pew)

▶️Awesomenauts,発進! awesomenauts, hasshin! (Awesomenauts, roll out!)

▶️セントリー、オンライン。倍力機序完全接続 Sentorii onrain bairyoku kijyou kanzen setsuzoku (Sentry unit online. Servo mechanisms engaged!)

Drop Pod In[ | ]

▶️接続完成 Setsuzoku kansei (Connection established!)

▶️セントリー、オンライン。倍力機序完全接続 Sentorii onnrainn bairyoku kijyou kanzen setsuzoku (Sentry unit online. Servo mechanisms engaged!)

▶️セントリー、行きまーす! Sentorii, ikimaasu! (Sentry launching!)

▶️アイ、アム、エラー I amu era-- (I. AM. ERROR)

▶️安心しろ、宇宙の生物を絶滅する気はない Anshin siro, utyuu no seibutsu wo zetsumetsu suru ki ha nai (Rest assured, I have no intention to eradicate all organic life in the universe.)

▶️この機の事、信頼できる Konoki no koto, shinrai dekiru (You can trust me.)

▶️ティンカー、テイラー、ソルジャー、忍者 Tinker tailor soldier ninja (Tinker, tailor, soldier, SPY!)

▶️コントロール、シフト、必殺機能実行する Kontorooru, shifuto, hissatsu kinou jikkou suru (Execute function control shift kill).

▶️赤い彗星と呼んでもいい Akai suisei to yonde mo ii (Call me The Red Comet)

▶️勝利の確率は78.2% Shouri no kaku ritsu ha 78.2% (Estimated chance of victory 78.2 percent.)

▶️勝利の確率は42.3% Shouri no kaku ritsu ha 42.3% (Estimated chance of victory 42.3 percent.)

▶️もし、もし。 Moshi moshi (Moshi moshi.)

Killing Blow[ | ]

▶️お前の接続を停止する! Omae no setsuzoku wo teishi suru (Your connection has been terminated!)

▶️そうはさせない! Sou ha sasenai (I'm afraid I can't let you do that.)

▶️この機に生存の話をするな Kono ki ni ha seizon no hanashi wo suruna (Life, don't talk to me about Life.)

▶️死にかけてるようだな、手伝おうか? Shinikaketeru you dana, tetsudaouka (It looks like you're dying. Would you like some help with that?)

▶️生物不正常削除完了 Seibutsu fuseijyou sakujyou kanryou (Organic anomaly removed)

Killing Spree[ | ]

▶️皆殺しには2ボタンを押せ Minagoroshi ni ha 2 button wo ose (Press 2 for Killing Spree. *beep*)

▶️この機の事 見抜く 訳がない Konoki no koto minuku wake ga nai (They will never see through me!)

▶️皆殺し中なので、応答はできない Minagoroshi chū na node, ōtō wa deki nai (I can't talk, I'm on a killing spree.)

▶️立ち残こるのは一機だけ Tatsi nokoru no ha ikki dake (And only I shall remain.)

▶️絶滅完了 Zetsumetsu kanryou (Annihilation complete!)

▶️エリアコントロールを獲った Eria control wo totta (I have taken control of the area.)

Being Hit[ | ]

▶️イタ Ita! (Ouch!)

▶️イタ Ita! (Ouch!)

▶️イタ Ita! (Ouch!)

▶️イタ Ita! (Ouch!)





On Death[ | ]

▶️予備発電機、応答なし Yobi hatsudenki,outou nasi (Back up generator not responding.)

▶️切断された Setsudan sareta (Disconnected.)

▶️*dial tone*

▶️セントリー、ダウン Sentorii down (Sentry down!)

▶️分解するな!分解するな! Bunkai suruna! Bunkai suruna! (No disassemble! No disassemble!)

Using Black Hole Sun (Shield)[ | ]

▶️シールドを上げる Shiirudo wo ageru (Raise shields!)

▶️シールドにエネルギー転用 Shiirudo ni enerugi tenyou (Diverting power to shields)

Using Black Hole Sun (Black Hole)[ | ]

▶️お返しだ Okaeshi da (It's for you!)

▶️超巨大ブラックホールアターーーック Tyou kyodai burakku horu ataaaack (Supermassive black hole)

Using Teleport Beacon[ | ]

▶️この機がキミらを破壊する噂は全部嘘 Konoki ga kimira wo korosouto shiteru uwasa wa zenbu uso (Any rumors that I may be scheming to kill you are all incorrect.)

▶️電話着信、すぐに戻る Denwa tyakushin, sugu ni modoru (Incoming call. Be right back.)

▶️お前の破壊を巧む為に戻ると思うな Omae no hakai wo takumu tame ni modoru to omou na (Don't think I'm going back to plan for your eventual demise.)

▶️セントリー、フオーン、ホーム Sentorii, phoon homu (Sentry phone home.)

▶️間もなく電池切れ Mamonaku, dentsi gire (My battery is running low.)

Killing Ted McPain[ | ]

▶️今度こそ、McPain絶対に仕返しする。 Hahaha McPain hahaha (Ha ha ha, McPain. Ha ha ha.)

Killing Sentry X-58[ | ]

▶️一機以上、必要はない Ikki ijyou hitsuyou ha nai (There can be only one!)

Killing Skree[ | ]

▶️お前はもう部品を盗む事ができないぞ、スクリー Omae wo mou buhin wu nusumu koto ga dekinai (No more stealing parts for you.)

Killing Penny Fox[ | ]

▶️サヨウナラ ペニチャン Sayonara Penny-chan (Bye-bye Penny.)

Specimen X-58 Quotes[ | ]

Specimen X-58's quotes consist of hisses and growls and have no discernible meaning whatsoever.

Taunts[ | ]

▶️Taunt 1

▶️Taunt 2

Help[ | ]

▶️Help 1

▶️Help 2

Attack[ | ]

▶️Attack 1

▶️Attack 2

Defend[ | ]

▶️Defend 1

▶️Defend 2

Purchase[ | ]

▶️Purchase 1

▶️Purchase 2

▶️Purchase 3

Teleporting[ | ]

▶️Teleport 1

▶️Teleport 2

Chosen[ | ]

Drop Pod In[ | ]

▶️Drop Pod 1

▶️Drop Pod 2

▶️Drop Pod 3

▶️Drop Pod 4

Killing Blow[ | ]

▶️Killing Blow 1

▶️Killing Blow 2

▶️Killing Blow 3

Killing Spree[ | ]

▶️Killing Spree 1

▶️Killing Spree 2

▶️Killing Spree 3

Being Hit[ | ]

▶️Hit 1

▶️Hit 2

▶️Hit 3

▶️Hit 4

▶️Hit 5

▶️Hit 6

▶️Hit 7

▶️Hit 8

▶️Hit 9

▶️Hit 10

On Death[ | ]

▶️Death 1

▶️Death 2

▶️Death 3

▶️Death 4

Using Black Hole Sun (Shield)[ | ]

▶️Black Hole Sun 1

Using Teleport Beacon[ | ]

▶️Teleport Beacon 1

Nauts In-Game Look[ | ]

Character[ | ]


Default Skin.


Default Skin.


Giga Sentorii.


Giga Sentorii.


Specimen X-58.


Specimen X-58.

Minimap Icon[ | ]

Ui minimap player spy 0

Scoreboard Icon[ | ]

Classicon Spy

Skin Information[ | ]

Giga Sentorii[ | ]

CharacterRender Sentry Skin

Giga Sentorii is the combination of the five Galactic Turbodinopowerzords: Tyrannozord, Galactozord, Electrozord, Fourswordzord & Grammarzord.

Handcrafted by the elite Zurian battle team known as the Power Strikers, Giga Sentorii is only called upon in the most dire of situations. The Giga form is therefore rarely seen on the battlefields.

This DLC contains a custom skin for Sentry X-58 in Awesomenauts, and comes with a fully customized voice set! - Official Steam Store description.

Being heavily inspired by Gundam/Super Sentai Japanese culture, this skin makes Sentry a mech piloted by Zurians. He has white paint in some of his armor, a different-looking arm cannon, golden wings, a golden samurai helmet ornament and his claw is replaced by a golden drill.

Black Hole Sun has a Kanji symbol for "Heaven" on the black hole, Teleport Beacon plays a gong sound upon being placed and has the "Power Strikers" symbol on it. It also plays ambient music when players are close enough to it. Both of his abilities are a lighter shade of purple/blue. His idle "on the phone" animation is replaced by him pointing his drill upwards, which then shines and Energy Thruster's propeller is replaced by jet boosts on his back. The gears inside Sentry's treads are replaced with drills that rotate while he moves. Finally, when teleporting back to base, the Power Strikers Zurians will appear on his head and pose while the animation is taking place.

Being premium, this skin comes with a unique voice set.

Specimen X-58[ | ]


This skin requires the Awesomenauts base game AND the Awesomenauts: Starstorm expansion.

During one of his recon missions, Sentry infiltrated the commercial space ship Nostrilmo disguised as a lamppost. However, all members of the human crew had already perished in a fierce battle against a powerful Xenomorphic being.

In its wake, the being had left a gross pulsating egg and when he uncovered it Sentry realized that he had finally found a way to overcome the last limitation in his abilities: to mimic biological beings. Sentry quickly imprinted his consciousness on the embryonic alien within the egg.

Years later, the Nostrilmo crashed into the Starstorm station and unleashed a never-before-seen horror upon the Awesomenauts!

This DLC contains a custom skin for Sentry X-58 in Awesomenauts: Starstorm, and comes with a fully customized voice set! - Official Steam Store description.

This skin gives Sentry a black mouth and body details inspired by the Xenomorphs[27] from the Alien franchise. Sentry's eye is removed. He has two free-flowing tentacles on his back and green slime covering his treads. His arm cannon is replaced with a fleshy bulb that has an eyeball in the center.

Photon Mines are made of dripping orbs of team-coloured acid and have new particle effects when exploding. His jump animation is changed to his head splitting into ladybug-like wings. The shield of Black Hole Sun is unchanged, but has a new sound effect. The black hole projectile has a new design and the black hole itself has an image similar to the Zerg logo[28] inside it. Teleport Beacon has an image of Specimen X-58's head and two rows of alien writing surrounding it. His idle "on the phone" animation is replaced by Specimen X-58 roaring.

Being premium, this skin comes with a unique voice set.

Awesomenaut Showcase[ | ]

Giga Sentorii Showcase[ | ]

Specimen X-58 Showcase[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • Sentry is the currently character with the highest number of voice actors in the game.
  • "Mr. Death" is voiced by Stefan Leertouwer, a Sonic Picnic employee.
  • Sentry's Operator is voiced by Chimène van Oosterhout, a dutch actress famous in her own country for "Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden" and "Onderweg naar Morgen" on top of that she used to be a presenter for the dutch television networks "Veronica" and "Yorin", and won the dutch ski show "Vliegende Hollanders: Sterren van de Schans." Her line is not stock footage: It was done just for Sentry's song.
  • A pair of inactive warbots similar to X-58 could be seen hanging outside of the Starstorm station on the promotional Starstorm image, in the top right corner.
  • Similarly, multiple triangle-shaped emblems with the head of a Sentry are scattered on the same picture. (the most easily noticeable one located on the floating piece of debris on the left side of the picture)
  • During Patch 2.4 beta, the blue team version of Sentry used to have yellow details. They were replaced by the current pink ones seen today.
  • Sentry has a unique idle animation, where he'll randomly pick up and answer phone calls. This animation can happen whenever Sentry is standing still, even if he's shooting with his cannon.
  • In addition, his teleporting animation shows him collapsing his body, leaving only the head and treads visible. (This animation is purely cosmetic and does not change Sentry's collision hitbox.) These can be seen below. Sentry is the first Awesomenaut to have idle and teleporting animations.

Sentryphone Sentryporting

  • Sentry was the first character since Genji to be released with only one skin.
  • Giga Sentorii has a JiS logo on his splash art. The acronym stands for Jelly Ink Stickers, a competitive Awesomenauts team who won a series of matches against two other teams - BBQ and 3HM (3 Headed Monkey), meant to promote the replay system introduced in the same patch. The matches can now be watched on Ronimo Games' YouTube channel.
  • Giga Sentorii is the first skin to include a unique teleport animation.
  • The Kanji[29] in Giga Sentorii's Black Hole Sun means "heaven". This is a reference to Gurren Lagann[30], as Sentorii was based on it, having a drill hand that "pierces the heavens" in his teleporting animation.
  • Specimen X-58 is voiced by several Sonic Picnic staff members doing hisses and growls over a voice filter.

References[ | ]

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Gallery[ | ]