Awesomenauts Wiki

UI Skillbutton Spy Blackhole

Black Hole Sun [edit]
Enables a damage collecting black hole that can be placed with a second press, pulling enemies toward it and dealing the collected damage. Collected damage will decay after 10s.
Damage Conversion 65%
Minimum Damage 150 (235.5)
Maximum Damage 540 (847.8)
Shield 25%
Shield Health 600 (942)
Absorption Duration 1.5s
Cooldown 11s
Black Hole Duration 1.2s
Gravitational Force 5.7969 -> 11.815 (Edge -> Centre)
Size 8.2
Range 5.4

UI Skillbutton Spy Attack

Photon Mine Launcher [edit]
Warbots from the X-58 line come with a high powered photon mine launcher.
Direct damage 85 (133.45)
Mine damage 70 (109.9)
Attack Speed 90.9
Time 2s
Range 6.8
Explosion Size 3.4

UI Skillbutton Spy Beacon

Teleport Beacon [edit]
Sentry deploys a beacon to which he can teleport. Sentry deals a damage dealing pulse at arrival.
Damage 250 (392.5)
Cooldown 15s
Duration 45s
Active after out of combat for 2s

UI Skillbutton Spy Jump

Energy Thruster [edit]
Standed warbot energy thruster, for short leaps in combat.
Jump Height 8.4
Jump Duration 0.6s
Jumps 1