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Recommended Loadout[ | ]


Build order

Ok, so this build mainly focuses on keeping enemies at bay and pushing their turrets. You wanna start off by getting solar tree and dynamite. Basically your focus early game is to dynamite them over and over again, but stay away from close combat. when you've danced around a bit, maybe even helped your team get a few kills return to buy the boots, and max out your regen. if you've got some spare solar buy bull. Now you can get more into the action. With triple jump and high regen you can jump around people shooting them and spam dynamite in their faces. Help push turrets. Be sure to retreat if you get below half health. Now max out your gun, with both missiles and explosion size. Now ur gun will hit multiple enemies and be able to do a decent amount of damage. When you've got tons of solar from pushing turrets, maybe even getting some kills and keeping the enemy away from your turrets, buy all dynamite upgrades. Now your dynamite is pretty powerful. Now's the time to get into close combat and completely destroy anyone stupid enough not to get health upgrades.

It's important to get size and health for the bull, because it will help pushing. You can get this earlier in the game if you want, but always get it before slowing power and explosion.

Well guys, i hope this helps improve your game. I play online a lot and my in game name is Sup (May have a [BAD] in front of it or something).

Good Luck! xD




--Sup (IGN) (talk) 06:18, June 10, 2013 (UTC)