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UI Skillbutton Commando AttackShotgun

Shotgun and Machine Gun [edit]
Ted can alternate between his shotgun and machine gun
Shotgun Damage 210 (329.7) (piercing)
Shotgun Attack Speed 50
Shotgun Range 5
Shotgun Reload Time 2s
Shotgun Knockback 0.2
Shotgun Spread 20°
Machine Gun Damage 42 (65.94)
Machine Gun Attack Speed 352.9
Machine Gun Range 7.5
Movement with machine gun +0.8
Weapon Switch Cooldown 0.6s
Shop icons commando skill b upgrade a Ted McPain Unicorn Dance Karting [edit] Item 5 solar 150

Adds a grenade to shotgun shots

Now with a rearview mirror on the controller!

Upgrade Lv1 Lv2
Grenades Damage 80 (125.6) 160 (251.2)
Time 6s 6s
Shop icons commando skill b upgrade b Commando Ted Figurine [edit] Item 5 solar 210

Increases the base damage of shotgun and machine gun

Wind him up and he will teach your kids the latest barfighting moves.

Upgrade Lv1 Lv2
Base Shotgun Damage +11% +22%
Base Machine Gun Damage +15% +30%
Shop icons commando skill b upgrade f Teddy's Bullseyes [edit] Item 5 solar 135

Increases the Shotgun Ammo

Add some chunky Bovinian milk to start the day like a champ!

Upgrade Lv1 Lv2
Ammo +1 +2
Shop icons commando skill b upgrade d Tedris Ville [edit] Item 5 solar 250

Adds a long ranged snipe shot to machine gun

Tap two blocks and wait a month or pay 99 Solar cents. Your friends play it!

Upgrade Lv1
Damage 135 (211.95)
Range 15
Cooldown 1.2s
Shop icons commando skill b upgrade e Can O'Juice! [edit] Item 5 solar 145

Increases the range of machine gun

Ted juice walk it out! DRAAANK!

Upgrade Lv1
Range +2.4
Shop icons commando skill b upgrade c Ted's Power Briefs [edit] Item 5 solar 150

Increases knockback on shotgun shots

Limited Edition! You might want to wash these first.

Upgrade Lv1
Knockback +1

Description[ | ]

Ted can alternate between his weapons using the second skill button. While Ted has his Shotgun, he fires a spread of bullets that has very short range and low attack speed, but deals high damage and knocks enemies back. The Shotgun holds 4 ammo, which is used up when Ted fires. Shotgun ammo is reloaded over time, regardless of which weapon is selected. While using the Machine Gun, he shoots low-damage bullets at high attack speed. While in Machine Gun mode, Ted moves slightly faster. Ted always spawns holding the Machine Gun.

While holding the Shotgun, Ted's first skill is Stimpack. While holding the Machine Gun, it's Airstrike.

In-Game Look[ | ]

Shotgun Machine

Alternate Icons[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Switch 1UI Skillbutton BaseAttackCommando 2