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Skolldir Alpha

Health: 1600 (2816)
Movement Speed: 7.8
Attack Type: Melee
Role: Fighter
Mobility: Balanced
Skølldir [edit] Difficulty: Intermediate

Development Name: Brute

Type of abilities: Ensnare, Stun, Knockback, Deflect, Slow Release Date: October 4th, 2012

UI Skillbutton Brute Throw

Mighty Throw [edit]
Always up for a Bear Hug, Skølldir never knew how to handle that awkward pause in the middle. His solution? Throw ‘m away! He ended up liking the throwing better than the hugging, so he stuck with that.
Damage 100 (157)
Knockback 1.7
Cooldown 8s
Stun duration 0.8s

UI Skillbutton Brute Attack

Bash [edit]
No man should ever come within reach of Skølldir’s best friends, Lefty ‘n Righty. Better known as his Fists of Fury, he is able to pummel enemies with a devastating 3-hit combo that’ll leave their ears ringing!
Damage 110 (172.7) | 139 (218.23) | 247 (387.79)
Range 3.8 | 3.8 | 7.2
Combo Timeout 0s | 0.2s | 0.5s

UI Skillbutton Brute Earthquake

Earthquake [edit]
Putting on some weight made his buns of steel a force to be reckoned with. Planting them firmly on the ground after a daring leap shatters earth and enemies alike!
Damage over time 350 (549.5)
Damage Duration 5s
Cooldown 8s
Range 9
Time 1s

UI Skillbutton Brute Jump

Explosive Fart [edit]
Able to channel his inner “strength”, Skølldir lets out a thunderous fart that lifts his bulk to new-found heights during a jump.
Jump Height 4.8
Additional Jump Height 4.8
Jumps 2
UI Skillbutton Brute Throw Shop Icons Brute Throw Upgrade B Shop Icons Brute Throw Upgrade D Shop Icons Brute Throw Upgrade A Shop Icons Brute Throw Upgrade E Shop Icons Brute Throw Upgrade C Shop Icons Brute Throw Upgrade F
UI Skillbutton Brute Earthquake Shop Icons Brute Earthquake Upgrade F Shop Icons Brute Earthquake Upgrade C Shop Icons Brute Earthquake Upgrade B Shop Icons Brute Earthquake Upgrade A Shop Icons Brute Earthquake Upgrade D Shop Icons Brute Earthquake Upgrade E
UI Skillbutton Brute Attack Shop Icons Brute Base Attack Upgrade F Shop Icons Brute Base Attack Upgrade D Shop Icons Brute Base Attack Upgrade E Shop Icons Brute Base Attack Upgrade B Shop Icons Brute Base Attack Upgrade C Shop Icons Brute Base Attack Upgrade A
UI Skillbutton Brute Jump Upgrade Power pills turbo Upgrade Med-i'-can Shop Icons Overall BruteSpeed Shop Icons Overall Barrier Upgrade Piggy bank Shop Icons Overall ccReduction

Back Story

Skølldir the Terrible Space Viking has raided over a hundred spaceports, cargo ships and grocery stores. His legendary thirst for battle is unquenchable. Great raids are usually followed by great feasts and soon his nickname was altered to Skølldir The Terribly Overweight Space Viking. Nothing could scorn Skølldir more than this honorless title!

Skølldir has set out on his space barge to impress the universe with his lightning fast fighting skills to prove this moniker wrong and show his nimbleness. Anyone who would dare to call him fat is met with a rapid series of crushing punches and is thrown aside. All the while, Skølldir's metallic suit is telling him how many calories he is burning.

If you find yourself on the battlefield, and hear the sound of crushing bones and thunderous farts in the distance, flee as Skølldir's fury is upon you!


Theme Song Lyrics

Skølldir kommer på besøk, stram lemonaden klar (x2) (Translation: Skølldir comes for a visit, strong lemonade ready.)

'Stram', in this case means 'quite powerful' or acrid, as in smell or taste. Viking Lemonade!

Voice actor: Simon Lane


▶️"Can't hurt the king of pain!"

▶️"Stop crying like a baby!"

▶️"Someone's got a deathwish!"

▶️"Free hugs, come and get'em!"

▶️"Belly's gonna get ya!" - Reference to a Reebok TV advertisement[1]


▶️"I need help!"


▶️"I'm saying this, because I'm low on health!"


▶️"Help me! I need a snack!"


▶️"Let's get those buggers!"





▶️"Back to base!"

▶️"That's too many of them!"


▶️"Bye bye!"

▶️"Screw you guys, I'm going home!" - Reference to Eric Cartman[2] from South Park.[3]

▶️"Cya later Awesomenauts!" - Reference to a quote from his voice actor, Simon Lane[4] of the Yogscast.

▶️"Off fer a drink... Ohh..."



▶️"Daddy needs a treat!"

▶️"What a ripoff!"


▶️"Daddy needs a treat!"

▶️"No belly, no battle!"

▶️"No guts, no glory!"

▶️"Belly's gonna get ya!"

Drop Pod In

▶️"Game over!"

▶️"No guts, no glory!"

▶️"No belly, no battle!"

▶️"I can't believe they charged me for two seats!"

▶️"Free, at last!"

Killing Blow

▶️"I own you!"

▶️"You're fragged!"

▶️"See ya later sh*tlords!" - Reference to a quote from his voice actor, Simon Lane of the Yogscast.

▶️"Excuse me!"

Killing Spree

▶️"Fists of Fury!"

▶️"Looks like meat's back on the menu!" - A reference to Lord of the Rings.[5]

▶️"It's an all-you-can-eat buffet of my fists!"

Being Hit




▶️"I'll kill ya for that!"

▶️"Bloody 'ell that hurts!"




On Death



▶️"I pissed myself..."

▶️"Oh, I pissed myself... Ohhh..."

Using Bash (3rd hit)

▶️"Eat me knuckle sandwich!"

▶️"Taste my fists!"

▶️"Choke on that!"

Using Mighty Throw

▶️"Off ya go!"

▶️"Be freeee!"

▶️"Off with ya!"

▶️"Fly awaaay!"

▶️"Oh! 'scuse me!"

Using Earthquake


▶️"Bombs Away!"

▶️"Shakey shakey!"

▶️"The ground can taste me bottom!"

Nauts In-Game Look



Default skin.

Base Skolldir Skin

Default skin.(donated by Catti and Bowserslave)


Honeydew Skølldir.

Honeydew Skolldir Skin

Honeydew Skølldir.(donated by Catti and Bowserslave)


Demon Skølldir.

Demon Skolldir Skin

Demon Skølldir.(donated by Catti and Bowserslave)


Jotunn Skølldir.


Jotunn Skølldir.

Minimap Icon

Ui minimap player brute 0

Scoreboard Icon

Classicon Brute

Skin Information

Honeydew Skølldir

CharacterRender skØlldir Yogscast redBG

"Check out the new, free Honeydew skin for Skølldir, provided by the Yogscast. Honeydew has been unleashed upon the Galaxy! Defending his right to bear Jaffa Cakes and pummeling evildoers with his Fists of Fury!" - Official description.

It can be found here for free. This skin replaces Skølldir's metal armor with one made of leather with dark pants that does not protect his face, arms and belly. He also has a leather belt and an orange beard.

His skills are unchanged, but Bash has a new animation on the third hit, being a giant pickaxe instead of a giant fist. Mighty Throw has a new pattern. The Homeless Gnome's appearance is changed to resemble William Riker.

This skin is a "homage" to The Yogscast, seeing as Skølldir was voiced by Simon Lane.

Demon Skølldir


"Summoned by a sorcerous ritual, Demon Skølldir has entered our realm! Chaos follows in his wake! Tremble mortals, and despair for Demon Skølldir's fiery fists of doom are upon you!" - Official Steam Store description.

This skin gives Skølldir dark leather armor with black fur on his pants and shoulders. He has metal ornaments on his gloves, a different belt and a necklace made of skulls. He has demon-like horns instead of the usual ones on his helmet.

Homeless Gnome is a replaced by a tiny demon and a Bash's third hit is a giant claw instead of the usual fist. Mighty Throw gains a fire effect.

Jotunn Skølldir

CharacterRender skØlldir Skin LavaIceSkin redBG

Old spacesailors tell the tale of Jotunn Skølldir, who was banished from his homeworld and carved a path of destruction through the galaxy. Worlds that fell victim to his rage were swallowed by lava or entombed in ice, leaving none alive. Supposed to wield both fists of undying flame and the cold of an eternal winter, Jotunn Skølldir truly is one of the last remain legends of the galaxy. Those who have witnessed the destruction left behind by him are never the same.

This DLC contains a custom skin for Skølldir in Awesomenauts. The skin-design and sound effects vary depending on whether the player is currently playing for the Red or the Blue team, with Jotunn Skølldir assuming his fire-form in the Red team, and an ice-form in the Blue team. The Jotunn Skølldir skin does NOT have a unique voice over.

If you have not already unlocked the character, purchasing this DLC will do so.

Jotunn Skølldir was designed by community member CrimsonYeti for the Design-a-skin competition and was chosen by the community as one the runner-ups to Grim Genji from more than 250 submissions! - Official Steam Store description.

This skin gives Skølldir the looks of a mythological Norse giant, or Jötunn: His beard and horns are made of magma/ice and he wears a team-colored helmet with a golden ornament in it. He wears team-colored leather armor with golden details below the waist and on the shoulder pads (those have fur on blue team). His belt is a golden chain with a shield as the buckle and his leather gloves have brass knuckles with spikes on them. Finally, he has a wooden shield with an arrow stuck on it attached to his shoulder pad.

Mighty throw has more fiery/frost sparkles and Homeless Gnome is replaced by a tiny yeti (orange with brown fur for red team, blue with white fur for blue team). Earthquake's default shockwave is replaced by magma spikes/icicles and bash has the same shape as his unique gloves.

Being an ultimate skin, Jotunn Skølldir has unique looks depending on which team you're on: Fire-themed for red team, ice-themed for blue team.

Awesomenaut Showcase


  • Skølldir was the first Awesomenaut to have lines for his abilities and autoattack.
  • Skølldir was the first 'naut voiced by a community member "guest star" (Simon Lane).
  • Skølldir is the only character with a melee auto-attack that can't hit multiple targets at the same time.
  • Skølldir was the first 'naut to get an ultimate skin: instead of unique voice acting, is has different looks depending on which team (red/blue) the player's on.
  • Jotunn Skølldir was part of the Awesomenauts Skin Contest 2014, where it won third place. It was designed by Stephen "CrimsonYeti" Kelly. The original concept art can be seen below:

Click to enlarge.



Playing As:

  • When playing as Skølldir, learning to time your 3rd punch is vital, as some of the Bash upgrades will only affect it.
  • When combined with Axethrowing Trophy, Homeless Gnome can a useful harassing tool. With some skill and practice, it can even be used to finish off fleeing enemies.
  • When using Perfumed White Flowers, try to kill creeps with the 3rd hit from bash so you can recover more health than you normally would.
  • Skølldir may use Earthquake from a high place to quickly "drop" in front of enemies, often surprising them.
  • If you see an enemy jumping, try timing your Earthquake so it hits them on their way down.
  • With the right upgrades, Skølldir can make his Earthquake very hard to avoid. Stolen Couch, Stone Twins and Small Volcano all help him accomplish that.
    • Try to "study" your enemy to see how they are escaping your Earthquake. If facing a lot of characters who can fly or hover, for instance, Small Volcano may be the better option.
  • Every one of Skølldir's abilities have at least one form of crowd control available. WIth the right build he can become a powerful disruptor.
  • Homeless Gnome can be useful to attack turrets or the Solar drill from a safe distance, making it a somewhat useful weapon against structures.
  • Fistbump tends to be more effective if you time your punches so that you never get the 3rd hit off. Try to use only the first two to better destroy enemy projectiles.

Playing With:

  • Skølldir has a variety of Crowd Control effects at his disposal. Be sure to work alongside him to take advantage of it.
  • Skølldir is not the strongest 'naut when it comes to pushing. You may want a 'naut that excels at that to compensate for this weakness.

Playing Against: