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Ah, Skolldir. An incredibly underrated and hated character. Why? All he is a is a tanky leon. At least, thats how i like to see it.This is a build i came up with that does insanely good amounts of damage, and could turn a hater into a user.

WARNING! this loadout requires quite a bit of solar, and thus quite a bit of skill with killing and a good team to get the solar needed. In total, excluding the optional upgrades, and subtracting 150 because of Piggy Bank, is a whopping 2320 solar. for each category:

Throw: 640, exluding the optional.

Earthquake: 530

Bash: 1080

Other: 230

Thankfully, early on you can deal out good damage, helping you to finish upgrading.

Recommended Loadout[ | ]

Throw: Use Oily Spray On Bronze, Homeless Gnome, and anything else you want, but i reccomend Power Briefs.

Earthquake: Use Electric Hammer, Stolen Couch, and Stone Twins.

Bash: Use Flaming Fists, Pale Mead, and Chunk of Salted Meat.

Other: Use Piggy Bank, Solar Tree, and League Seven Boots.

Purchase Order[ | ]

This Was hard to come up with.

Honestly, Buy it in whatever way you feel is most efficient, this is just the reccomended.

  • Note* Buy the League Seven Boots Whenever you want, but i reccomend buying it immedeatly when you get the cash after step one.

With your starting money: Piggy Bank, Base EarthQuake, Base Throw.

Oily Spray on Bronze, Flaming Fists, Pale Mead, 3/3 Salty Chunk of Meat, Electric Hammer, Stolen Couch, Stone Twins, 2/2 Homeless Gnome, Optional Throw Upgrade.

Play Style and Tips[ | ]

Early Game: Pretty soon on, you can deal nice damage with only bronze spray and pale mead, and when you have salted meat, you basically have all you need. the rest is for added assistance with killing.

Mid Game: This is when you should have or be getting Salty meat and it's following upgrades. Get exploding gnome earlier than listed if you wish, to help destroy turres some. The earthquake upgrades can help deal with crowds, and serve as good defense or offense.

Late Game: You Should have most upgrades by now. Dealing Incredible Damage per second because of the added bash damage and oily bronze spray, the only issue is missing the throw and not getting the speed buff. two sollutions: One, your bash will be very strong anyway, so even if you miss, just carry on. Two, the snaring earthquake can usually hold them long enough for you to move in and throw. NEVER wait until they are near the turret to throw them into it, this time could break you and your chance. simply throw willy nilly, but try hard to hit your mark. I hope this helped most people, i know it did for me!

-- 13:26, July 1, 2013 (UTC)