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Skolldir isn't really designed to be a tank, but this build enables him to stay in the fight as he long as he keeps landing his 3rd combo hit.

Up to date as of 1.19c

Recommended Loadout[ | ]

Mighty Throw: Cortexiphan Shake, Homeless Gnome, Oily Spray on Bronze

Earthquake: Electric Hammer, Stone Twins, Stolen Couch

Bash: Perfumed White Flowers, Flaming Fists, Rubber Ducky Choker

Explosive Fart: Power Pills Turbo, Med-i'-can, Piggy Bank

Purchase Order[ | ]

  1. Piggy Bank
  1. Mighty Throw
  1. Oily Spray on Bronze
  1. Rubber Ducky Choker
  1. Perfumed White Flowers

Past this point, feel free to change the order listed here to fit your play style or matchup.

  • Homeless Gnome
  • Perfumed White Flowers
  • Flaming Fists
  • Med-i'-can.
  • Homeless Gnome
  • Power Pills Turbo
  • Earthquake
  • Med-i'-can
  • Electric Hammer
  • Power Pills Turbo
  • Cortexiphan Shake
  • Power Pills Turbo
  • Stone Twins
  • Cortexiphan Shake
  • Stolen Couch

Play Style and Tips[ | ]

Skolldir doesn't have the sheer health of a Clunk or Derpl, and he doesn't have a built-in ability to regain health or mitigate damage. That said, you can make Skolldir quite survivable and deadly by focusing on two key points:

  1. Making sure you hit with the 3rd hit from Bash
  1. Upgrade Perfumed White Flowers

With your initial purchase of Oily Spray on Bronze, you'll be able to throw an enemy, and then get three 3rd hits in very quickly. With the speed boost from Oily Spray, Skolldir's bash combo will go 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 3 before it runs out. You basically get a free third hit!

Since you'll be bashing so much, you want to get Rubber Ducky to keep your opponent locked down, and then immediately get Perfumed White Flowers. This upgrade is the key to the entire build. +20 health on the 3rd bash hit is way more than you think, and if you have the speed boost from Oily Spray, you can stay alive for quite a while. In fact, you run right up to buzzsaw droids and bash them to death without really losing any health. Throw Med-i'-cans on top of that, and you'll be able to stay in the fight for quite a while. Buying power pills when you can is also a great idea.

With this build, you don't really want to run away unless you absolutely have to. If you're attacked, it can often be better to start bashing away, and as you're regaining health steadily, the enemy is dropping to 0.

I tend to ignore Earthquake a bit, in favor of making my throw more effective, but Electric Hammer gives you another way to keep your enemies in place to land that all important 3rd hit. This is why I went with Stolen Couch and Stone Twins, just to make it easier to snare your enemies, but any upgrades here would work fine.

Flaming Fists could easily be exchanged for Pale Mead. Since in this build I want to land that 3rd hit as much as possible, the extra range is great, but the damage from Pale Mead is nothing to sneeze at. 

-- 16:35, June 10, 2013 (UTC)