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UI Skillbutton Brute Throw

Mighty Throw [edit]
Always up for a Bear Hug, Skølldir never knew how to handle that awkward pause in the middle. His solution? Throw ‘m away! He ended up liking the throwing better than the hugging, so he stuck with that.
Damage 100 (157)
Knockback 1.7
Cooldown 8s
Stun duration 0.8s

UI Skillbutton Brute Attack

Bash [edit]
No man should ever come within reach of Skølldir’s best friends, Lefty ‘n Righty. Better known as his Fists of Fury, he is able to pummel enemies with a devastating 3-hit combo that’ll leave their ears ringing!
Damage 110 (172.7) | 139 (218.23) | 247 (387.79)
Range 3.8 | 3.8 | 7.2
Combo Timeout 0s | 0.2s | 0.5s

UI Skillbutton Brute Earthquake

Earthquake [edit]
Putting on some weight made his buns of steel a force to be reckoned with. Planting them firmly on the ground after a daring leap shatters earth and enemies alike!
Damage over time 350 (549.5)
Damage Duration 5s
Cooldown 8s
Range 9
Time 1s

UI Skillbutton Brute Jump

Explosive Fart [edit]
Able to channel his inner “strength”, Skølldir lets out a thunderous fart that lifts his bulk to new-found heights during a jump.
Jump Height 4.8
Additional Jump Height 4.8
Jumps 2