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Playing As:[ | ]

  • When playing as Skølldir, learning to time your 3rd punch is vital, as some of the Bash upgrades will only affect it.
  • When combined with Axethrowing Trophy, Homeless Gnome can a useful harassing tool. With some skill and practice, it can even be used to finish off fleeing enemies.
  • When using Perfumed White Flowers, try to kill creeps with the 3rd hit from bash so you can recover more health than you normally would.
  • Skølldir may use Earthquake from a high place to quickly "drop" in front of enemies, often surprising them.
  • If you see an enemy jumping, try timing your Earthquake so it hits them on their way down.
  • With the right upgrades, Skølldir can make his Earthquake very hard to avoid. Stolen Couch, Stone Twins and Small Volcano all help him accomplish that.
    • Try to "study" your enemy to see how they are escaping your Earthquake. If facing a lot of characters who can fly or hover, for instance, Small Volcano may be the better option.
  • Every one of Skølldir's abilities have at least one form of crowd control available. WIth the right build he can become a powerful disruptor.
  • Homeless Gnome can be useful to attack turrets or the Solar drill from a safe distance, making it a somewhat useful weapon against structures.
  • Fistbump tends to be more effective if you time your punches so that you never get the 3rd hit off. Try to use only the first two to better destroy enemy projectiles.

Playing With:[ | ]

  • Skølldir has a variety of Crowd Control effects at his disposal. Be sure to work alongside him to take advantage of it.
  • Skølldir is not the strongest 'naut when it comes to pushing. You may want a 'naut that excels at that to compensate for this weakness.

Playing Against:[ | ]