Awesomenauts Wiki

UI Skillbutton Shaman Spirit

Saw Blade [edit]
Shoot a spinning blade that stays in one position for a limited time. You can place it and pull it towards you by pressing the button again.
Flying Damage 210 (329.7)
Damage Per Second 220 (345.4)
Attack Speed 600
Cooldown 10s
Range 12.6
Time 4.9s
Size 5.2

UI Skillbutton Shaman Lightning

Lightning Rod [edit]
Shoot lightning from your mechanical rod. Deals half damage to secondary targets.
Damage 66 (103.62)
Fork Damage 30 (47.1)
Attack Speed 100
Range 7
Targets 3
Spread 35°

UI Skillbutton Shaman Wall

Totem Of Power [edit]
Place a totem that has collision for enemies and can be stand on by friendly units.
Cooldown 14s
Health 600 (1056)
Height 6
Width 1.6
Duration 7s

UI Skillbutton Shaman Jump

Whirling Blades [edit]
Skree floats on a swirling set of blades, by holding the button he can stay on the same altitude in the air.
Jump Height 10
Descending Speed 0
Jumps 1 (Hover)