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  • After firing Saw Blade, you can stop it in place by clicking the button again. This can be used to deal massive amounts of damage by piercing first and chopping second.
  • Saw Blade can be only fired in horizontal line and goes through opponents and special walls (Like Totem Of Power of an opponent Skree). Try to maximise flying damage by jumping slightly and firing it in order to deny both ground and air.
  • Saw Blade will go through any walls when you pick it back. Arrows show you approximatively where its has been placed. Keep it in mind to help teammates with traps or to scare off an opponent that's chasing you.
  • Throwing a Saw Blade at an enemy turret will cause it to immediatly return to you. Use this to instantly deal double damage to droids and unsuspecting 'nauts that are right in front of it.
  • Next to the arrow that appears after placing a Saw Blade there are small rectangles that tell you how much time is left before the saw returns towards you.
  • Saw Blade is extremely effective at clearing grouped up 'nauts and/or droids. Making it effective at protecting your turrets.
  • Totem Of Power can be used as a very powerful shield, use it to protect your teammates from moves such as Raelynn's Snipe, Lonestar's Bull or Leon's Tongue.
  • Totem Of Power can be placed to help your teammates reach places faster then they would otherwise (e.g. Sorona's jungle area).
  • You can trap opponents with Totem Of Power by denying their escape route in narrow areas, ideally where a turret was standing after destroyed.
  • If you are up against Sentry X-58, watch your Saw Blades, Sentry can walk into it giving him free damage.
  • You can teleport while hovering but you need to hold down the jump button while you do so.
  • With Spare Blade and Suitcase Monster, you can transform your Saw Blade into a powerful deterrent tool. Quickly tap the button twice to cover teammates from any infighting with your saws.
  • Pairing Ornamented Pipe with Voodoo Doll will make Totem Of Power impossible to jump over for some 'nauts, forcing them to destroy it, or wait until it expires.
  • You can easily hit and keep track of invisible opponents with your Lightning Rod due to its innate autoaiming mechanic. Device Of The Heavens makes this even more effective.

Playing With:[ | ]

Playing Against:[ | ]

  • Use crowd control effects to cripple Skree's high mobility.
  • Be careful with Saw Blade even if Skree misses you: He can still call it back to him whenever he wants.
  • Try to stay above or below Skree to avoid the initial launch of Saw Blade: It can only be thrown horizontally.
  • Avoid putting yourself between Skree and his Saw Blade whenever possible.
  • At certain locations of the map, it is possible for Skree to block entrances with his Totem Of Power, and sometimes he can trap you with it, be careful.
  • Consider saving your abilities if Skree and/or his teammates are hiding behind a Totem Of Power: It can block many attacks, including those that normally pierce through units such as Splash Dash and Snipe. Of course, abilities that normally go through terrain such as Ball Lightning can be still used without any problems.
  • If you see a Skree near his Totem Of Power with a sword above his head, be careful: he has bonus damage (for all his attacks) as long he stays near it.
  • Stay behind your droids to avoid being directly hit by Lightning Rod. That way you will be hit for half the damage instead if it bounces to you.