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Skree announcer

Voiced by: Quinn "Weazel" Chert

Official Steam Store Description[ | ]

This announcer can be purchased at the Steam Store.

Lookit all deez puppets, man! Dey be fightin’ and scrapin’ over all deez here shrines Skree built. I is gonna spy on dem and see how dey be goin' after each other in da battle station. Dis gonna be fun, ja, ha, ha! Yes, yes, Skree's own wicked commentary gonna add to da fun, live from da control chamber! My people, dis gonna be a great day for da gods!

The Skree Announcer can be activated from the character select menu or the in-game menu. Activating this Announcer will replace the default announcements made during regular gameplay with a whole new set.

Quotes[ | ]

Base and Turrets[ | ]

Attacks against an allied turret:[ | ]

▶️"Uh oh! Your shrine be under attack!"

▶️"They've reached your shrine, man!"

▶️"Your shrine be under attack, man!"

▶️"There be brutality against your shrine!"

Allied turret low on health:[ | ]

▶️"It almost be destroyed!"

▶️"Hurry! Hurry to da shrine!"

▶️"Shrine getting nearly pummelled!"

Allied turret destroyed:[ | ]

▶️"The gods cry out! You lost their idol!"

▶️"One less place to worship. Or hide. Or both."

Enemy turret destroyed:[ | ]

▶️"Good on ya, man! Enemy shrine down!"

▶️"That's one shrine less to spit on!"

Allies around enemy Solar Drill area:[ | ]

▶️"Techno spirits be blessed! You have reached da enemy base!"

▶️"In da enemy base, man!"

Enemies around Solar Drill area:[ | ]

▶️"Da enemy be in your base! Hurry back!"

▶️"Filthy footsteps dessacrate your big shrine! Oh no!"

Solar Drill being attacked:[ | ]

▶️"Oh! Oh! Oh! Your big shrine be gettin' pummelled!"

▶️"Oh no! Your home base be under attack!"

Solar Drill at 1/3 health and below:[ | ]

▶️"It be almost time to resign, my people!"

▶️"Aww, this be looking like a grand defeat, man!"

Connection[ | ]

Player connects:[ | ]

▶️"Ahhh... A spirit enters da battle station!"

▶️"Ah! There be plenty of spirits around now!"

Player disconnects:[ | ]

▶️*Gibberish* "A spirit leaves da battle station!"

▶️"Ah! This place be getting more souless by da second!"

Kills and Deaths[ | ]

Player death:[ | ]

▶️"Ya got killed. Bah!"

▶️"Better luck next time!"

▶️"Oooh! Even da spirits felt that one!"

First 'naut killed by another 'naut:[ | ]

▶️"Ohhh! Blood ritual, man!"

▶️"Blood for the blood god! Blood for the blood god! Blood for the blood god!" *gibberish* - A reference to Warhammer 40,000[1]

▶️"Hehehehe great going! My people!"

Teammate killed:[ | ]

▶️"One of your own got messed up there!"

▶️"Your ally tripped up, man!"

▶️"You be playin' with noobs, man!"

▶️"Friends be good... until they die."

Enemy death:[ | ]

▶️"Enemy got sent to da unformed land!"

▶️"Haha! Enemy down!"

▶️"Oh hohohoho! Enemy... splat! Hahaha!"

▶️"Oooh! that's gotta be a good one!"

▶️"Hoho! Ja be a fine playa!"

▶️"That were no lucky shot. Yesno?"

All 'nauts in the same team are dead at the same time:[ | ]

▶️"It be a mercy killing!"

▶️*Singing* "No wipeout no cry! No wipeout no cry!" - A reference to No Woman, No Cry[2] by Bob Marley and the Wailers.[3]

▶️"Ya shot all da sheriffs! Hehehahahaha" *coughs* "'scuse me."' - A reference to I Shot the Sheriff[4] by Bob Marley.[5]

'naut killstreak #1:[ | ]

▶️"Hehehehehehe yes! You do a killing Skree!"

▶️"Look at all that killing done! It pleases da gods!"

▶️"Ya be on a roll, my people!"

▶️"Skree! Skree! All da spirits be cheering ya man!"

'naut killstreak #2:[ | ]

▶️"You're an iron, lion. Awesomen-ion!" - A reference to Iron Lion Zion[6] by Bob Marley.

▶️"Da gods be mighty impressed with ya!"

'naut killstreak #3:[ | ]

▶️"Da sun is shining! And it's all on you!"

▶️"Could you be loved? Well, I certainly love ya!" - A reference to Could You Be Loved[7] by Bob Marley and the Wailers.

▶️"You da stuff of legends, man!"

Blue team killing spree:[ | ]

▶️"Blue team be dominating!"

▶️"Haha! Now blue be clearly favored by da gods!"

Red team killing spree:[ | ]

▶️"Red team be dominating!"

▶️"Ha! This time red be clearly favored by da gods!"

Team killing spree #2:[ | ]

▶️"Awesome! My people!"

Player kills 2 enemy 'nauts in a short amount of time:[ | ]

▶️"Double down on death!"

▶️"Double the carnage, double the fun! Hehe!"

▶️"*Singing* "Hehehe he he! That's another one biting da dust!" - A reference to Another One Bites the Dust[8] by Queen[9].

Enemy killing spree:[ | ]

▶️"Aww... Enemy skree'd ya better. Ja poor man..."

'Naut killed by turret, creeps or droids:[ | ]

▶️"Ha! You let dem school ya!" - A reference to Could You Be Loved by Bob Marley and the Wailers.

▶️"Hahaha! Very funny!"

▶️"Ha, no worry! I use your entrails to tell da future!"

▶️"Did someone put a voodoo on ya?"

▶️"Ja man! You brought this on yourself!"

Match over[ | ]

Match lost:[ | ]

▶️"One way trip to neo-Babylon, my people! For shame..."

▶️"Awww... It be a rainy day for da spirits... Time to light a weedling."

▶️"Da gods want nothing to do with ya! Skree Out!"

Match won:[ | ]

▶️"Ya did it, my people! Da spirits be pleased as punch!"

▶️"Haha! Ya really showed them wicked people something spooky! Yes? No?"

▶️"Ja, that did it! Da struggle was worth it and da gods be winking at ya!"

Shop[ | ]

Insufficent Solar:[ | ]

▶️"Uh uh! They no take seashells here!"

▶️"To get da goods, you need da cash!"

▶️"Can't made da scene if you don't have da green!"

▶️"Ya ain't got enough funds! No sir!"

▶️"You gonna need more cash monies! And no mistaking!"

Spawn/Respawn[ | ]

Waiting for the countdown.[ | ]

▶️"Da spirits tell me ya be ready!"

▶️"Da gods of da battle station await ya!"

▶️"I look into entrails and see ya fired up!"

▶️"Not be scared... Ya fire in:"

▶️"Almost dere, man! Hehehehehe! Hold tight!"

Countdown to Drop Pod launch:[ | ]






Droppod Launched[ | ]

▶️"Launch into da world of techno wizardry!"

▶️"Faster! Faster! You need to be there quick!"

▶️"Hurry, hurry, hurry! Da spirits wait for no one!"

▶️"Be quick about it!" *Hums like a car engine* "Skreeeeeeee Skreeeeeee*

▶️"Oh! oh! Oh! To da left! No no! To da right! Try to catch all da shiny skygems! They good!"

Droids about to spawn:[ | ]

▶️"Da itty-bitty techno crawlies are coming in five seconds!"

▶️"A few more seconds until da droids come to play!"

Droids first spawn in the match:[ | ]

▶️"Da creepy mechanical voodoo droids be here!"

▶️"Da droids have spawned, man!"

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