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Voiced by: Philip "SlowWolf" Budd

Official Description[ | ]

This announcer is voiced by the awesome 'Nauts caster SlowWolf. Over the years he has been involved with casting pretty much every large Awesomenauts event. Including this awesome showmatch [▶] , created to showcase the new Overdrive characters, and featuring some of the best Awesomenauts players at that time. For more SlowWolf, check out his YouTube channel.

Quotes[ | ]

Base and Turrets[ | ]

Attacks against an allied turret:[ | ]

▶️"Their turrets have now come under attack!"

▶️"The enemy team is making a dent in their turrets!"

Allied turret low on health:[ | ]

▶️"Their turret is almost done!"

▶️"Remember folks, watch your minimap 'cause you can see if your turret is under attack. Which it is!"

Allied turret destroyed:[ | ]

▶️"And their turret has been blown to smithereens!"

▶️"The turret's gone and the field opens up!"

▶️"And... Sheila, uh Sheila where are you going? Come back! Come back!"

Enemy turret destroyed:[ | ]

▶️"Explosions! Money!"


▶️"Your team has destroyed an enemy turret!"

Allies around enemy Solar Drill area:[ | ]

▶️"Almost there... almost there..."

▶️"Their core's exposed and you're in their base!"

Enemies around Solar Drill area:[ | ]

▶️"The enemy's in the base!"

▶️"Can this team defend their core?"

▶️"Uh, base. Base? Base!"

Solar Drill being attacked:[ | ]

▶️"Uh, guys? Guys? Base?!"

▶️"Someone save the base!"

▶️"The base is under attack!"

Solar Drill at 1/3 health and below:[ | ]

▶️"This base is almost done!"

▶️"In this situation, you gotta do something!"

▶️"The core's almost a goner!"

Connection[ | ]

Player connects:[ | ]

▶️"A 'naut joins the fray!"

▶️"Another Awesomenaut joins the fight!"

Player disconnects:[ | ]

▶️"Ugh, leavers..."

▶️"And that's one unfortunate disconnection."

Kills and Deaths[ | ]

Player death:[ | ]

▶️"That uh... might have been a mistake."

▶️"Somebody made a boo boo."

▶️"I didn't quite catch that on camera."

▶️"Seriously. Lag. Everywhere. Am I right?"

First 'naut killed by another 'naut:[ | ]

▶️"And we have our first kill of the game!"

▶️"Oh! Oh, that had to hurt."

▶️"That was... unexpected."

Teammate killed:[ | ]

▶️"Well, that was unfortunate."

▶️"I got bad news: your friend died."

Enemy death:[ | ]

▶️"Another one bites the dust!"

▶️"With the enemy dead, this team has the power play!"

▶️"Mmm, that must have felt good!"


All 'nauts in the same team are dead at the same time:[ | ]

▶️"Three-man wipeout! Don't see that everyday."

▶️"This team has to make a play right now."

'naut killstreak #1:[ | ]

▶️"And here's the killing spree! Coming out!"

▶️"Knocking these kills out like clockwork!"

▶️"This 'naut needs to be shut down!"

'naut killstreak #2:[ | ]

▶️"6 tricks in the bag!"

▶️"This is getting right out of hand."

▶️"This game is getting real!"

'naut killstreak #3:[ | ]

▶️"They're unstoppable!"

▶️"Their momentum is through the roof!"

▶️"This song is my jam!"

Blue team killing spree:[ | ]

▶️"Blue is gaining ground!"

▶️"Blue team has the momentum!"

▶️"Blue team is now in the lead!"

Red team killing spree:[ | ]

▶️"Red? They're taking the game over right now."

▶️"Red team has made a lead for themselves."

▶️"Red is gaining momentum!"

Team killing spree #2:[ | ]

▶️"Someone needs to put this 'naut down!"

▶️"This guy's absolutely wrecking this game!"

Player kills 2 enemy 'nauts in a short amount of time:[ | ]

▶️"Goes for the double!"

▶️"Twofer on that one!"

▶️"Two points for... whatever team this is!"

Player kills 3 enemy 'nauts in a short amount of time:[ | ]

▶️"Three-man wipeout! You don't see that everyday!"

Enemy killing spree:[ | ]

▶️"And there's a problem if I ever saw one!"

▶️"Ohhh that guy's taking 'nauts out like yesterday's trash!"

'Naut killed by turret, creeps or droids:[ | ]

▶️"Ooh, croaked by a toad!"

▶️"Eugh... that's... that's embarassing."

▶️"There aren't many worse ways to go."

▶️"Gah, what a shame."

Match over[ | ]

Match lost:[ | ]

▶️"Defeat. Oh well, you can't win them all."

▶️"The game ends, but... not the way that they had hoped."

▶️"Well there's always next time, right?"

Match won:[ | ]

▶️"And there's the victory! Thank you for watching this game of Awesomenauts with yours truly, Slowwolf!"

▶️"And we have our winners here today in this match of Awesomenauts!"

▶️"Down goes the enemy core! Victory!"

Shop[ | ]

Insufficent Solar:[ | ]

▶️"Not quite enough money!"

▶️"Clicking like that won't get the Solar any faster, you know."

▶️"Not enough Solars."

▶️"This Awesomenaut needs more farm if he wants to be able to get that upgrade!"

Spawn/Respawn[ | ]

Waiting for the countdown.[ | ]

▶️"Today we will explore true facts about the... *coughs* Sorry, wrong video!" - A reference to "True facts About the Awesomenauts", one of SlowWolf's series.

▶️"And we're back!"

▶️"Dropping down for whatever team this is: this person!"

▶️"Hello everybody and welcome to this game of Awesomenauts with Slowwolf!"

Countdown to Drop Pod launch:[ | ]






▶️"Fun!" (Alternate "one" in the countdown)

Droppod Launched[ | ]

▶️"Droppod should be dropping down now..."

▶️"We're off!"

▶️"We are... all gonna die."

Droids about to spawn:[ | ]

▶️"Five seconds until the droids spawn!"

Droids first spawn in the match:[ | ]

▶️"Aaand the droids have spawned!"