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Smiles 001

Health: 1600 (2816)
Movement Speed: 7.6
Attack Type: Short-ranged
Role: Fighter
Mobility: Balanced
Smiles [edit] Difficulty: Intermediate

Development Name: Poacher

Type of abilities: Tether, Lifesteal, Knockback, Stun Release Date: 12 July 2017

UI Skillbutton Smiles Chain

Trapper's Hook [edit]
Throw out a hook that will connect with enemy Awesomenauts and lets you drag them around the map for a short duration.
Damage 100 (157)
Duration 1.1s
Reel in time 2s
Cooldown 8s

UI Skillbutton Smiles Attack

Bush Fire [edit]
Fire your flamethrower and set everything ablaze.
Damage 23 (36.11)
Awesomenaut Damage 28 (43.96)
Attacks per second 7.7

UI Skillbutton Smiles Tail

Tail Whip [edit]
Smack your foes with your reinforced tail, knocking them back.
Damage 280 (439.6)
Knockback Yes
Stun 0.2s
Cooldown 7.5s

UI Skillbutton Smiles Jump

High Reptilian Jump [edit]
High reptilian jump.
Jumps 1
UI Skillbutton Smiles Chain Shop icons Smiles skill a upgrade a Shop icons Smiles skill a upgrade b Shop icons Smiles skill a upgrade c Shop icons Smiles skill a upgrade d Shop icons Smiles skill a upgrade e Shop icons Smiles skill a upgrade f
UI Skillbutton Smiles Tail Shop icons Smiles skill b upgrade a Shop icons Smiles skill b upgrade b Shop icons Smiles skill b upgrade c Shop icons Smiles skill b upgrade d Shop icons Smiles skill b upgrade e Shop icons Smiles skill b upgrade f
UI Skillbutton Smiles Attack Shop icons Smiles skill c upgrade a Shop icons Smiles skill c upgrade b Shop icons Smiles skill c upgrade c Shop icons Smiles skill c upgrade d Shop icons Smiles skill c upgrade e Shop icons Smiles skill c upgrade f
UI Skillbutton Smiles Jump Upgrade Power pills turbo Upgrade Med-i'-can Shop Icons Overall SmilesSpeed Shop Icons Overall Barrier Upgrade Piggy bank Shop Icons Overall ccReduction

Backstory[ | ]

After escaping with the other renegades out the clutches of the “unstoppable” Piere Feu Darret the corrupt Scarg emperor, Smiles hid in the swamps on Ribbit II.

With a background of tracking and capturing yummy targets around the galaxy for the emperors endless appetite, he put his skills to good use: hunting some game in the deep swamps and starting a small business selling handcrafted luxurious handbags.

The unorthodox method of poaching swamp rodents with his flame thrower resulted in heavily burned pelts and hides, but it turned out a great business success as the dark charred bags were an instant hit on the amphibian black market.

One day an old friend knocked on his door and a plan of vengeance was drawn to find some new allies and clear their names.

Quotes[ | ]

Voice actor: Mark Dodson

Taunts[ | ]

▶️"What? You want a feather in your cap? Heheheh..."

▶️"Come meet me at bog's end!"

▶️"Peh, You're a little hare stuck in me snare! Heheheh..."

▶️"Don't get trapped in the quagmire!"

▶️"You're game and I'm game."

Help[ | ]

▶️"Bugger, help me out here!"

▶️"They turned me over!"

▶️"Gator in distress!"


▶️"I'm stuck in the mud!"

Attack[ | ]


▶️"Attack... with a smile! Mhmhmheheh."

▶️"Let's show those buggers!"

▶️"On a barbie with'em!"

▶️"Hook'em boys!"

Defend[ | ]


▶️"They're invading our swamp!"

▶️"Leeches! Incoming!"

▶️"We gots to defend our marshes!"

▶️"Defensive positions, boys!"

Purchase[ | ]

▶️"Me tail's getting rusty!"

▶️"Fuel, for me flamespitter"

▶️"Another lure, for me cap!"

▶️"Anything against gnats?" *buzzing gnat, slapping sound*

▶️"Sho-pey, sho-pey, sho-pey, sho-pey, sho-pey, sho-pey, heya!"

▶️"Shopping with smiles!"

▶️"Awww... they've got 'Me First Machete'!"

Teleporting[ | ]

▶️"See me later, alligator!"

▶️"I can't be bogged down!"

▶️"Time to check the snares!"

▶️"Better hightail it outta here!"

▶️"Let's go down under!"

Chosen[ | ]

▶️"Smoking!" - A reference to The Mask[1]

▶️"Let's go down under!"


Drop Pod In[ | ]

▶️"School's over, chicklet. Here comes life."

▶️"Shh! You gotta trap the little buggers..."

▶️"I ain't ending as a croc on someone's barbie..."

▶️"Who you calling a handbag?"

▶️"I ain't no shoe leather, son!"

▶️"No more playing around in the pond!"

▶️"Bugger mistook me for a log, heheheh... Bad mistake... Heheheheheh..."

▶️*Burp* "Oh, excuse me, there's a bird stuck in me teeth!"

▶️"Who's talking about knives? Hehe, I got a flamethrower!" - A reference to Crocodile Dundee[2].

▶️"Hey! Who wants a handcrafted critter purse? Might be a bit charred."

▶️"I spent years in the bogs of Ribbit II."

▶️"Been hunting game in deep swamps for years..."

▶️"Poaching's a snap when you carry a trapper's hook like THIS!"

▶️"They tell me, my, what big smiles you have, heheheh..."

▶️"Where there's smoke, there's... me."

Killing Blow[ | ]

▶️"Tail end for you!"

▶️"I'm all smiles... heheheh..."


▶️"You little runt!"

▶️"Critters everywhere!"

▶️"Light'em up!"


▶️"Killed'em dead!"

▶️"Extra crispy!"

▶️"Heheh. I'm giving fireside chat a whole new meaning!"

▶️"Meyh! Play with fire, you're gonna get burned!"


Killing Spree[ | ]

▶️"Got enough for another purse now!"

▶️"A few less rodents in the marsh. Heheheh..."

▶️"I'm just draining the swamp. Heheheh..." - A reference to an expression[3] commonly used by American politicians.

▶️"Well, Dundee be damned!" - A reference to Crocodile Dundee.

▶️"No prey is scary enough for me!"

▶️"Ha! No match at all, vermin!"

Being Hit[ | ]
















On Death[ | ]

▶️"Crikey! Ugh..."

▶️"Oy, crikey! Ugh..."

▶️"Swamp leeches! Ugh..."

▶️"Croc... down..."

▶️"Don't wanna be a bag... Ugh..."



Using Bush Fire[ | ]

▶️"Burn, chicklets!"

▶️"Burn, chicklets! Burn!"

▶️"Flame on!"



▶️"Haha! Heheheh..."

▶️"Fire started!"

Using Trapper's Hook[ | ]

▶️"Ha! Gotcha!"

▶️"Cat in the bag! Heheheh..."

▶️"Haul'em in!"


▶️"Hook and line, pelts are mine! Heheheheh..."

▶️"Heheheh... you're mine!"

▶️"You're coming with me!"

Using Tail Whip[ | ]

▶️"Easy, you!"

▶️"Back off!"




Encountering Commander Rocket (friendly)[ | ]

▶️"If it weren't for your snazzy plans, we'd still be in prison."

▶️"You sure love it when a plan comes together, eh?"

▶️"You're on the Jazz, alright."

Encountering Dizzy (frindly)[ | ]

▶️"Hey there... Lovely scrub."

▶️"Always knew how to make a gator weak in the knees."

▶️*Humming* "Sing us a few tunes, would ya?"

Encountering member of the Rocket's Renegades (friendly)[ | ]

▶️"Remember that time I set fire to the warden? Heheheh..."

▶️"We'll all be Smiles once we clear our name, eh?"

▶️"Hands off me winch. You're always messing with me!"

Encountering member of the Rocket's Renegades (enemy)[ | ]

▶️"Betrayed by me own team..."

▶️"I'll be damned... what are you doing there?"

▶️"If you think I'll be gentle on ya, you got the wrong gator."

▶️"Hop along, skippy!" - A reference to Skippy the Bush Kangaroo.[4]

Pyromancer Smiles Quotes[ | ]

Taunts[ | ]

▶️"Hey you! May the flame of your hatred never die."

▶️"Let's get warm and cozy..."

▶️"Shall I light ya fuse? Heheheheheh..."

▶️"No one is hotter than me! Grrr..."

▶️"You're all twigs for my bonfire!"

▶️"We don't need water! Heheheheh..."

Help[ | ]

▶️"Aid me!"

▶️"Help needed!"

▶️"Me fire falls flat!"

▶️"I'm fizzling out!"


Attack[ | ]

▶️"Let's dial up the heat!"


▶️"Put them to the torch!"


Defend[ | ]


▶️"Let's burn the attackers!"

▶️"They're coming for us!"

▶️"They're bringing the heat!"

▶️"Crikey! We need a hot defense!"

Purchase[ | ]

▶️"Any hot sales going on? Heheheheh..."

▶️"Lemme conjure up some Solar. Heheheheh..."

▶️"I've got a wallet burning in me pocket!"

▶️"I like to play with fire!"

▶️"Oh, hmm... There's plenty of room in these robes..."

▶️"Bone for me tail armor?"

▶️"Oh, I need some polish for dragon horns."

Teleporting[ | ]

▶️"Too hot! Even for me!"

▶️"Hmm... A... lukewarm reception."

▶️"Ahhh... Returning home to roost."

▶️"Back to the dragon yard. Heheheh..."

Chosen[ | ]

▶️*Singing* "Hubba hubba hubba! Burning love!"

▶️"Pick a bone!"

▶️"Hot stuff, baby!"

Drop Pod In[ | ]

▶️"Out of the frying pan, into the fiery embrace! Heheheh..."

▶️"Can't take the fire outta me!"

▶️"I'll be the drake of your dreams!"

▶️"Surely, croc plus fire equals dragon? Heheheheheh..."

▶️"Did someone cry 'pyromancer'? Heheheh..."

▶️"I've got a burning desire..."

▶️"Don't make me have a meltdown!"

▶️"Every day is meltdown day!"

▶️"O, I am a muse of fire!"

▶️*Sniffs* "Ugh. Who knew roasted gator smelled this horribly?"

▶️"Oops! I got a little careless with me flame spitter safety procedures."

▶️"Got kindled into a ball of fire! Heheheheheh..."

▶️"Surgery was kinda tough on account of me leathery hide!"

▶️"Phew... Is it hot in here? Oh, heheheh. It's just me."

▶️"The pyromancer awakens!"

▶️"Who you're calling a hotheat?"

▶️"Someone called for an exterminator?"

▶️"I don't rise from the ashes, I make them."

Killing Blow[ | ]

▶️"Heh, heh..."


▶️"Too hot!"

▶️"Tsss! Heheheheheh..."

▶️"Die, rodent!"

▶️"You're toast!"

▶️"Into the fire!"

▶️"Have a light! Heheheh..."

▶️"Warms me heart!"

▶️"Awww... Mweh, mweh, mweh! Crocodile tears. Heheheh..."

▶️"Oh? Flew a bit too close to the sun, mate?" - A reference to Icarus[5].

▶️"You're... fired..."

Killing Spree[ | ]

▶️"Yes, yes! Everything burns!"

▶️"Death spreads like a wildfire!"

▶️"They call me pyromancer for a reason!"

▶️"They don't call me pyromancer for nothing!"

▶️"Fire walk with me!"

▶️*Singing* "Hubba hubba hubba! Burning love!"

▶️"More fuel for the fire!" *Cackles*

▶️"I'm on... Fire!" *Cackles*

Being Hit[ | ]















On Death[ | ]

▶️"Extinguished!" *groans*


▶️"Getting... cold..."

▶️"Heat... death..."

▶️*Groans* "Snuffed... out..."

▶️*Groans* "Dying..."



▶️"Dark as night..."

▶️"I'm parched... Arghhh..."

▶️"Burned at the stake..." *Sizzles*

Using Bush Fire[ | ]


▶️"Nice! Heheheh..."


▶️"Oh, that's warm!"


▶️"Hot stuff, baby!"

Using Trapper's Hook[ | ]

▶️"Stay Put!"

▶️"Chained you!"

▶️"Hooked already? Hmph!"

▶️"Stay awhile and listen."

▶️"Nowhere to run!"


Using Tail Whip[ | ]

▶️"Pick a bone!"


▶️"Fried tail coming through! Heheheheh..."

Encountering member of Rocket's Renegades (friendly)[ | ]

▶️"Don't recognize me? It's your old pal! Just a little hotter!"

▶️"This is a warm reunion, friend!"

Encountering member of Rocket's Renegades (enemy)[ | ]

▶️"Seeing you with the enemy really burns me."

▶️"My coldest shoulder for you... old 'friend'."

Nauts In-Game Look[ | ]

Character[ | ]


Default skin.


Default skin.


Pyromancer Smiles.


Pyromancer Smiles.

Minimap Icon[ | ]

Ui minimap player Smiles 0

Scoreboard Icon[ | ]

Classicon Smiles

Skin Information[ | ]

Pyromancer Smiles[ | ]

Smiles 002

Some crocodiles just want to watch the world burn. Pyromancer Smiles won't settle for that. He has peered into the flames and had visions of him setting all of creation ablaze! He's left the (now scorched) swamps of Ribbit II on a quest to fulfill this dark destiny, and stowed away on the Awesomenauts vessel to visit distant worlds. What's left standing after a battle is incinerated by the Pyromancer, until only ash remains.

He's dark, he's angry, and he's armed with a flamethrower. Don't cross Pyromancer Smiles as he'll burn you to a crisp! The Flames command it!

This DLC contains a custom skin for Smiles in Awesomenauts. You need to have Smiles available as a playable character in order to access the skin in-game. Owning this skin will also unlock the special portrait for use in-game. This skin contains a fully customized voice set. - Official Steam Store description.

This skin gives Smiles a more dragon-like look and wizard garb. He wears team-colored robes, including a hood, has skull-shaped shoulderpads and horns on his head. His eyes have no pupils, his tail has a bone ornaments instead of the metal reinforcement, his flamethrower is shaped like a skull mouth and his gear (trap and winch) are more medieval-looking.

Bush Fire has flaming skulls effects on it, Trapper's Hook has a golden chain instead of the original electric-tether effect and although the animation for [{Tail Whip]] is unchanged, the tail itself looks different as previously mentioned.

Being premium, this skin comes with unique voice-acting.

Awesomenaut Showcase[ | ]

Smiles Showcase[ | ]

Showcase starts at 0:47 in the video.

Pyromancer Smiles Showcase[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • It was originally intended for Smiles to be released before Dizzy, but Ronimo had a change of plans.
  • Smiles is a member of Rocket's Renegades, along with Dizzy, Commander Rocket, and Qi'Tara.

References[ | ]

Gallery[ | ]


Playing As:[ | ]

  • Use Trapper's Hook to initiate a fight by pulling an enemy for your team or to prevent a low health 'naut from escaping.
  • When your teammates are using 'nauts that lay traps such as Derpl or Yuri, coordinate with them and use your Trapper's Hook to drag them into hazards.
  • If you can land Trapper's Hook on enemies that are going down platforms or just jumping from great height, they'll be stuck mid air, similar to what happens with Drop Anchor.
  • Consider purchasing Candy Rope and Bush Telly for even more teamfight presence with your Trapper's Hook.
  • Tail Whip is a very versatile ability: use it to push enemies away from low health teammates, to disrupt the initiation of 'nauts like Skølldir or Swiggins, to push away enemies with dangerous burst such as Clunk, to finish off low health 'nauts, to push enemy 'nauts into your team for the kill or even as a droid clearing tool.
  • Be careful when using Tail Whip to finish a weakened Awesomenaut off: If you don't kill them, you will push them further away, making their escape easier.
  • Tail Whip can deal a surprisingly high amount of damage when properly upgraded. Try using Gnome King and Sandworm Tail for extra burst power.
  • Smiles isn't the fastest 'naut around. If you have toruble getting behind the enemy team to Tail Whip them towards your own teammates, make use of terrain and hide areas to come from unexpected angles and directions, catching them off guard.
  • Smiles has several options aimed at survivability: Aside from the usual utility upgrades, Snapper Trap, Rodent Smoker and Swamp Gummies all help him achieve that with varying degrees of efficiency.
  • Bush Fire has short range and slows your movement speed down while it's being used. Save it for enemies that stick around to fight in order to wear them down and/or to finish them off in case Tail Whip can't do the job.
  • Upgrading Bush Fire's damage can turn Smiles into a powerful duelist.
  • If your team is employing a lot of crowd control effects, consider purchasing Dirty Apron for your Bush Fire.

Playing With:[ | ]

  • While Smiles is capable of killing enemy Awesomenauts on his own, he works better with followup: Help him finish 'nauts that are caught in Trapper's Hook or pushed towards your team by Tail Whip.
    • When Smiles hooks an enemy, he puts himself at risk. Back him up for free kills.
  • Smiles is a relatively large Awesomenaut and may take a lot of damage trying to initiate. Consider using shields and heals to aid him.
  • It is often a better idea to wait for Smiles to initiate before using your burst, as Trapper's Hook will make it very easy to land slow burst abilities.

Playing Against:[ | ]

  • Trapper's Hook ignores droids. It's useless to hide behind them for cover.
  • Be careful not to overextend against Smiles: He can easily pull you towards an enemy turret.
  • Be mindful of Smiles' position at all times. Tail Whip will launch you towards your enemies if you're not careful.
  • If your initiation requires you to be close to the enemy team, consider saving it for when Smiles' Tail Whip is on cooldown.
  • Smiles is a big 'naut with below average movement speed. Harass him from afar to force him out of the late or even weaken him enough for a kill.
  • Silence will prevent Smiles from using his abilities, gutting much of his potential.
  • Be careful if Smiles purchases Inscribed Lighter. He may leave flames on the floor which deal deceptively high damage.