Awesomenauts Wiki

UI Skillbutton Smiles Chain

Trapper's Hook [edit]
Throw out a hook that will connect with enemy Awesomenauts and lets you drag them around the map for a short duration.
Damage 100 (157)
Duration 1.1s
Reel in time 2s
Cooldown 8s

UI Skillbutton Smiles Attack

Bush Fire [edit]
Fire your flamethrower and set everything ablaze.
Damage 23 (36.11)
Awesomenaut Damage 28 (43.96)
Attacks per second 7.7

UI Skillbutton Smiles Tail

Tail Whip [edit]
Smack your foes with your reinforced tail, knocking them back.
Damage 280 (439.6)
Knockback Yes
Stun 0.2s
Cooldown 7.5s

UI Skillbutton Smiles Jump

High Reptilian Jump [edit]
High reptilian jump.
Jumps 1