Awesomenauts Wiki

Playing As:[ | ]

  • Use Trapper's Hook to initiate a fight by pulling an enemy for your team or to prevent a low health 'naut from escaping.
  • When your teammates are using 'nauts that lay traps such as Derpl or Yuri, coordinate with them and use your Trapper's Hook to drag them into hazards.
  • If you can land Trapper's Hook on enemies that are going down platforms or just jumping from great height, they'll be stuck mid air, similar to what happens with Drop Anchor.
  • Consider purchasing Candy Rope and Bush Telly for even more teamfight presence with your Trapper's Hook.
  • Tail Whip is a very versatile ability: use it to push enemies away from low health teammates, to disrupt the initiation of 'nauts like Skølldir or Swiggins, to push away enemies with dangerous burst such as Clunk, to finish off low health 'nauts, to push enemy 'nauts into your team for the kill or even as a droid clearing tool.
  • Be careful when using Tail Whip to finish a weakened Awesomenaut off: If you don't kill them, you will push them further away, making their escape easier.
  • Tail Whip can deal a surprisingly high amount of damage when properly upgraded. Try using Gnome King and Sandworm Tail for extra burst power.
  • Smiles isn't the fastest 'naut around. If you have toruble getting behind the enemy team to Tail Whip them towards your own teammates, make use of terrain and hide areas to come from unexpected angles and directions, catching them off guard.
  • Smiles has several options aimed at survivability: Aside from the usual utility upgrades, Snapper Trap, Rodent Smoker and Swamp Gummies all help him achieve that with varying degrees of efficiency.
  • Bush Fire has short range and slows your movement speed down while it's being used. Save it for enemies that stick around to fight in order to wear them down and/or to finish them off in case Tail Whip can't do the job.
  • Upgrading Bush Fire's damage can turn Smiles into a powerful duelist.
  • If your team is employing a lot of crowd control effects, consider purchasing Dirty Apron for your Bush Fire.

Playing With:[ | ]

  • While Smiles is capable of killing enemy Awesomenauts on his own, he works better with followup: Help him finish 'nauts that are caught in Trapper's Hook or pushed towards your team by Tail Whip.
    • When Smiles hooks an enemy, he puts himself at risk. Back him up for free kills.
  • Smiles is a relatively large Awesomenaut and may take a lot of damage trying to initiate. Consider using shields and heals to aid him.
  • It is often a better idea to wait for Smiles to initiate before using your burst, as Trapper's Hook will make it very easy to land slow burst abilities.

Playing Against:[ | ]

  • Trapper's Hook ignores droids. It's useless to hide behind them for cover.
  • Be careful not to overextend against Smiles: He can easily pull you towards an enemy turret.
  • Be mindful of Smiles' position at all times. Tail Whip will launch you towards your enemies if you're not careful.
  • If your initiation requires you to be close to the enemy team, consider saving it for when Smiles' Tail Whip is on cooldown.
  • Smiles is a big 'naut with below average movement speed. Harass him from afar to force him out of the late or even weaken him enough for a kill.
  • Silence will prevent Smiles from using his abilities, gutting much of his potential.
  • Be careful if Smiles purchases Inscribed Lighter. He may leave flames on the floor which deal deceptively high damage.