Awesomenauts Wiki

UI Skillbutton Gladiator hook

Sticky Snail [edit]
Shoot out a sticky snail which pulls you towards walls or enemy Nauts with such force that enemies in the area take damage and are slowed.
Slow 20%
Slow duration 2.5s
Cooldown 6s

UI Skillbutton Gladiator Attack

Conch Dunk [edit]
Hit your enemies for damage.
Damage 95 (149.15)
Attack Speed 138

UI Skillbutton Gladiator Balls

Shell Bombs [edit]
Summon holographic shells that will spin around you and deal damage per second. When a shell hits an enemy naut, it will explode for damage.
Damage per second 500 (785)
Explosion Damage 160 (251.2)
Duration 4s
Shells 3
Cooldown 12s

UI Skillbutton Gladiator Jump

Antigravity Jump [edit]
Float above the ground with this belt and hold the button to ascend.
Jumps 1