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Solar is the currency of the game, used at the in-game shop to purchase upgrades and as a tool to level up the player.

Players start the game with 270 Solar, and can collect more while in the Drop Pod.

When Awesomenauts die, they lose 25 Solar and will stop generating Solar until they land from the Drop Pod (they lose 15 Solar instead if they are a bot.

Solar cubes found naturally on every map will respawn after 6 seconds.

Solar will also grant Account Level experience. 10000 EXP is required to level up.

Awesomenauts Silver Solar = 1 Solar

Awesomenauts Gold Solar = 5 Solar

Gaining Solar[ | ]

You will gain 30 Solar every minute (1 Solar every 2 seconds).

You can take the Piggy Bank in the shop to instantly gain 100 Solar at the cost of a utility slot.

There are various ways of collecting additional Solar other than collecting it from the ground during the battle:

  • Certain upgrades allow players to gain Solar under certain conditions (see below).
  • Killing enemy Non-Summoned Sawblade or Humming Droids (5 Solar)
  • Killing enemy Super Droids (10 Solar)
  • Killing enemy Awesomenauts (30 Solar for your team, plus an additional 40 Solar for the killer
    • Killing enemy Awesomenaut bots (5 Solar for your team, plus an additional 25 Solar for the killer
    • Killing an enemy Awesomenaut who's on a killing spree (40 bonus Solar in addition to the rewards mentioned above).
  • Killing neutral Creeps (3 Solar)
  • Killing the Solar Boss (20 Solar to each member of the team)
  • Killing enemy Turrets (30 Solar to each member of the team, extra 70 Solar for the killer)

Solar-related Upgrades[ | ]

Generic[ | ]

Vinnie & Spike[ | ]