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Shop Icons Vampire skill c upgrade a Sonic Listening Device [edit] Item 5 solar 160

Mark critters to let them drop more health

Can you hear the Solar bubble?

Upgrade Lv1
Extra Health 250 (440)

Sonic Listening Device is an upgrade for Menu IconCharacterVampireAyla's UI Skillbutton Vampire AttackChain Whack.

Description[ | ]

Causes Ayla to mark enemy creeps when she attacks them. Marked creeps recover +250 more health to their killer (550 health total).

In-game look[ | ]


Notes[ | ]

  • Even though this is an upgrade for Chain Whack, killing Creeps with Rage or Evil Eye will also give you 500 health.
  • Any Creep marked by Ayla will also give 500 health to any player that kills it, including enemies.