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Shop icons commando skill a upgrade a Stealthy Ninja Weapons [edit] Item 5 solar 145

Adds damage over time to airstrike

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"These are glow in the dark?!!... how on Jupiter is this stealthy... I don't even..."

Upgrade Lv1 Lv2
Damage Over Time 85 (133.45) 170 (266.9)
Damage Duration 5s 5s

Wheelbarrow with Ammo is an upgrade for Menu IconCharacterCommandoTed McPain's UI Skillbutton Commando AirstrikeAirstrike.

Description[ | ]

Adds 70 damage over time to Airstrike per stage, up to a maximum of 140. This damage is applied over the course of 5 seconds. It also leaves a fiery effect on targets hit, allowing others to easily spot them in case they are invisible. This damage over time effect scales with team levels.

In-Game Look[ | ]