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Every map in Awesomenauts has two different structures: Turrets and the Solar Drill. These play an important part in the match and have distinct functions. Unlike some units, structures do not have any sort of healing or regeneration, meaning damage dealt to them is permanent. They do take reduced damage from several attacks and abilities, however (see below).

As of Patch 3.4.3, structures' current health is visible on the minimap.

Turrets[ | ]

For detailed information see Turret.


Turrets are team-aligned defensive structures that fire upon nearby enemy units and block their path. Destroying a turret grant 30 Solar to the attacking team as well as 40 additional solar to its killer. Turrets are invulnerable when not shooting and/or while shooting for 3 seconds without hitting any targets.

Solar Drill[ | ]

For detailed information see Solar Drill.

Solar Drill

Destroying the opponent's Solar Drill is the main objective of the game. Only one is present for each team on every map.

It can only be attacked after one or more inner turrets (varies from map to map) is destroyed. Destroying the Solar Drill ends the match, with the attacking team as the victor.

List of attacks that deal reduced damage to Structures[ | ]

Admiral Swiggins[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Captain Melee Deals 75% damage
UI Skillbutton Captain Shoot Deals 75% damage

Ayla[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Vampire Bolas Deals 50% damage

Chucho Krokk[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Hyper Attack Double Pistol deals 75% damage, Bike Blaster deals 50% damage
UI Skillbutton Hyper BikeDismount Turret shots deal 50% damage

Clunk[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Tank Attack1 All missiles deal 75% damage
UI Skillbutton Tank Detonate Deals 50% damage

Coco Nebulon[ | ]

Coco Nebulon Weapon-6 Homing Particles deal 50% damage

Deadlift[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Crumple Attack Deals 75% damage

Derpl Zork[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Turretguy Turretrocket Deals 50% damage
Derpl Zork Weapon Deals 50% damage
Cat Shot \ Gatling Deals 50% damage
Derpl Zork Weapon-5 Fat Cat deals 50% damage
Derpl Zork Skill2-3 Missiles deal 50% damage

Froggy G[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Dasher Dash Deals 50% damage
UI Skillbutton Dasher Whirlwind Deals 50% damage
Skill Froggy Twister tweeters 50% damage on the end explosion
Skill Froggy Thorn fish 50% damage on the smaller water bullets

Genji[ | ]

Ui skillbutton butterfly shoot Deals 125% damage, but only hits once.

Gnaw[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Maw Turret Placing a Weedling on top of a Turret will deal 50% damage. Weedling bullets deal 50% damage

Ix the Interloper[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Shifter Attacknew Scattering shots deal 25% damage
UI Skillbutton Shifter Bondnew Projectile deals 50% damage.

Jimmy And The Lux5000[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Warrior Attack All hits and wave deal 50% damage
UI Skillbutton Warrior Barrage Deals 50% damage

Ksenia[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Crawler Attack Deals 75% damage
UI Skillbutton Crawler Knives Deals 50% damage

Leon Chameleon[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Chameleon Attack Deals 75% damage
Upgrade Leon Backstab blade Backstab sound will still be heard if Turrets are hit from the back, but no extra damage will be added
Upgrade Leon Blow up doll Explosion deals 20% damage

Lonestar[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Cowboy Grenade Each stick deals 50% damage
Skill Lonestar Bull charger Explosion deals 50% damage
Skill Lonestar MissileSkill Lonestar Another Missile Missiles deal 50% damage

Max Focus[ | ]

UI Skillbutton maxFocus attack copy Deals 75% damage.
UI Skillbutton maxFocus SceneIllumination copy Deals 50% damage.

Rocco[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Wozzle FireArrow0 Deals 50% damage
Shop Icons Wozzle skill b upgrade f Split deals 50% damage

Scoop of Justice[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Paladin Attack Cleave and slash deal 75% damage
UI Skillbutton Paladin Hammer Deals 50% damage

Sentry X-58[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Spy Attack Deals 50% damage
UI Skillbutton Spy Beacon Deals 50% damage
Shop Icons Spy skill b upgrade 2 Deals 50% damage

Skølldir[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Brute Attack Each punch deals 75% damage
Shop Icons Brute Throw Upgrade C Gnome deals 50% damage

Ted McPain[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Commando AttackShotgun Deals 50% damage
UI Skillbutton Commando AttackRifle Deals 75% damage

Vinnie & Spike[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Bird Dash Deals 50% damage

Voltar[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Summoner Drone Explosion deals 50% damage, drone shots deal 50% damage

Shop Icons Summoner Bombshell Mine does 50% damage

UI Skillbutton Summoner Attack New2 Deals 50% damage

Yuri[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Jetter Mine Deals 50% damage
UI Skillbutton Jetter Attack Deals 50% damage