Awesomenauts Wiki

UI Skillbutton Commando Airstrike

Airstrike [edit]
Shoot a flare that marks the location for a powerful airstrike. Only available when holding the machinegun.
Damage 450 (706.5)
Cooldown 11s
Range 10

UI Skillbutton Commando AttackShotgun

Shotgun and Machine Gun [edit]
Ted can alternate between his shotgun and machine gun
Shotgun Damage 210 (329.7) (piercing)
Shotgun Attack Speed 50
Shotgun Range 5
Shotgun Reload Time 2s
Shotgun Knockback 0.2
Shotgun Spread 20°
Machine Gun Damage 42 (65.94)
Machine Gun Attack Speed 352.9
Machine Gun Range 7.5
Movement with machine gun +0.8
Weapon Switch Cooldown 0.6s

UI Skillbutton Commando Stim

Stimpack [edit]
Receive a temporary burst of attack speed. Only available when holding the shotgun.
Attack Speed +40%
Swap Speed +40%
Duration 4s
Cooldown 10s

UI Skillbutton Commando Jump

Jumppack [edit]
This marine can handle any assault course with his jumppack
Jump Height 8
Jumps 1