Awesomenauts Wiki

Playing As:[ | ]

  • Ted moves faster while holding his Machine Gun.
  • Keep an eye on your Shotgun ammo count (picture below) and plan ahead.
  • Holding down the Airstrike button will allow you to aim it more precisely with the aid of a laser sight.
  • Firing Airstrike's tracer directly inside a hide area will grant vision inside of it.
  • More so than any other 'naut, Ted must land his shotgun bullets to make the most use of their limited ammo. Being patient and waiting for the perfect moment to shoot one or more targets can make the difference in a teamfight.
  • Because Airstrike hits all targets above the impact point by default, it's a good idea to spend more time in the bottom parts of the map. With good minimap awareness, it is possible to kill unsuspecting enemies and recover health from creeps that would otherwise be too far away. Adlez Princess Phonenumber, removes this limitation, allowing you to strike enemies above and below the impact point, thus making your presence in the top lane more effective.
  • Stimpack's animation prevents Ted from attacking, but he can still walk around and switch to Machine Gun.
  • Stimpack affects both of Ted's weapons. Simply switch to the Machine Gun after using Stimpack for increased, constant DPS.
  • If an enemy Froggy G is using Right Back At Ya!, it will reflect both of Ted's weapons. Use Grénaide pour Homme and I-Don't-Carebear to break his Tornado.
  • The grenades from Ted McPain Unicorn Dance Karting have a brief arming time: using them at melee range will cause them to fly through the target, dealing no damage.
  • Keep in mind that despite Tedris Ville's very long range and high damage, it cannot damage turrets.
  • Use Ted's large hitbox and Shotgun's innate Knockback to keep your enemies within the Airstrike's tracer until it hits.
  • Can O'Juice! can turn the Machine Gun into a more effective poking tool.
  • When being chased, firing an Airstrike directly downwards may discourage your pursuers or even hit them if they are not careful, possibly allowing you to turn the fight around.
  • Combining Angel Wing Toilet Paper with Ammo Weekly can make you a very dangerous brawler.

Playing With:[ | ]

  • Usually, it's a good idea to leave Ted to take care of the bottom lane while you keep the enemy busy in the top lane. That way he may hit your enemies with his Airstrike.
  • Coordenate with Ted and use your Crowd Control effects as he activates Stimpack to more easily kill your enemies.
  • Ted has average health, a large hitbox and has to get pretty close to his enemies to deal most of his damage. Protect him the best way you can.
  • Ted's great at pushing lanes. Assist him if you can for an even more effective push.

Playing Against:[ | ]

  • Try to keep your distance from Ted, especially during the early game. He's deadly at close range, but isn't very fast.
  • Ted has relatively low health and movement speed and a large hitbox, making him vulnerable to slows and long range poke.
  • Take advantage of Airstrike's slow, predictable animation and sound effect to get out of the way before it can hit you.
  • Ted's Stimpack's has a very clear animation which briefly prevents him from attacking. Use this opportunity to move away from him, as he's very powerful under the effects of that skill.
  • Blinding effects may make Ted miss his shotgun shots and waste ammo. He'll either be forced to rely on the machine gun, retreat or pop up Stimpack to reload (if using Angel Wing Toilet Paper).
  • Silence not only prevents Ted from using Airstrike and Stimpack, but it also prevents him from switching weapons as well.