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Skillbutton Teleport

This article is about the teleporting skill available to every Awesomenaut. For Sentry X-58's ability, see Teleport Beacon.

By holding the Teleport button anywhere (Bound to F/Shift by default) for 3 seconds, the player's Awesomenaut will be teleported back to the Shop, where they can heal and buy Upgrades. The Awesomenaut cannot use any abilities while charging the teleport. Taking any kind of damage will interrupt the teleport charge-up animation, including Damage Over Time effects, which will essentially stop the player from teleporting for their entire duration.

It is possible to teleport while in mid air, while using Jump Pads, or while being knocked back as long as the Awesomenaut does not take any damage.

Tips & Tactics[ | ]

  • Admiral Swiggins, Skree and Voltar the Omniscient can teleport while using their hovering abilities, although this will lower momentum.
  • Since it is possible to teleport anywhere, using the teleportation ability even in the face of danger can save the player from certain death.

'nauts and skins featuring teleporting animations[ | ]

These are purely cosmetic and to not alter their hitboxes in any way.

Gallery[ | ]