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Field Description Possible values Type
teleportSettings Just put 'default' in Text
activationInfluencedBy Name of the object you want the teleporter to interact with Button names and Turret influence names Text
teleporterID Teleportera with the same ID will be linked Text
team The team that is allowed to the the teleporter TEAM_ONE, TEAM_ZERO and TEAM_NONE Text
isEntrance When enabled the teleporter will be an entrance teleporter, when disabled the teleporer will be an exit teleporter Yes / No
mirrorVelocityHorizontal When enabled, the horizontal momentum of the character entering the portal will be mirrored Yes / No
mirrorVelocityVertical When enabled, the vertical momentum of the character entering the portal will be mirrored Yes / No
hasGraphics When enabled the teleporter has it´s usual entrance/exit texture. When disabled it doesn´t have any textures Yes / No
showOnMiniMap When enabled will display a teleporter graphic on the minimap Yes / No

Additional notes[ | ]

  • Multiple exit teleporters linked to one ID will cause a character to be teleported to a random exit portal.
  • Multiple entrance teleporters linked to a single exit will all use that single exit.
  • When the size of the teleprter is increased the hitbox will enlange but the graphic will not change size.