Awesomenauts Wiki

Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)

This template acts as a database to look up Stats and Properties of Awesomenauts. This is done inputting several arguments as follows:


arg1 - This is the full name of the Awesomenaut some abbreviation of names is now permitted (ex. Leon, Coco)

arg2 - This can be as follows:

  • name - Full Name
  • icon - Hero's icon
  • mini - mini map icon
  • portrait - Hero's portrait
  • health - Hero's health
  • movementspeed - Hero's movement speed
  • attacktype - Hero's attack type
  • role - Hero's role
  • mobility - Hero's mobility
  • level - Hero's unlock level
  • devname - Hero's development name (as used in the game files)
  • abilities - Hero's abilities
  • release - Hero's release date
  • attack - Hero's basic attack
  • skill1 - First purchasable skill
  • skill2 - Second purchasable skill
  • jump - Jump skill of hero.

Advance uses - You can use these for arg1 without an arg2:

  • all - Returns a common separated list of all the naut names.
  • count - Returns the number of nauts in that list.

When adding a new hero please copy and paste the section marked TEMPLATE and not another hero's to prevent mistakes.

Current Statistics

These are the current recorded statistics.

Awesomenaut icon portrait mini health movementspeed attacktype role mobility level devname abilities release attack skill1 skill2 jump

Admiral Swiggins Menu IconCharacterCaptain.png CharacterRender swiggins redBG.png Ui minimap player captain 0.png (Expression error: Unexpected * operator.) 7.2 Melee/Ranged FighterHero Tactical Captain StunHero, Blind, Shield, Tether, Amplify Damage, Slow August 29th 2013 Anchor Swing/Ink Spray Anchor Hook Drop Anchor Ink Propulsion
Ayla Menu IconCharacterVampire.png CharacterRender Vampire.png Ui minimap player vampire 0.png (Expression error: Unexpected * operator.) 8.3 Melee FighterHero Balanced Vampire Area of EffectHero, Damage Over Time, Flight, Lifesteal, Shield, Slow, No Collision June 13th, 2013 Chain Whack Evil Eye Rage Hop Skip
Chucho Krokk UI Unlock CharHyperreduced.png Hypercharselect.png Ui minimap player hyper 0.png (Expression error: Unexpected * operator.) 7.3 Ranged FighterHero Aerial and Tactical Hyper Damage over TimeHero, Flight, Knockback, Area of Effect, Shield, Slow March 2nd 2016 Double Pistol/Bike Blaster Sticky Bomb/Nitro Boost Hyper Bike/Turret Dramatic Entrance High Jump/Hyper Bike Hover
Clunk Icon Clunk.png Clunk Alpha.png Clunk minimap red.png (Expression error: Unexpected * operator.) 7.02 Medium TankHero Tactical Tank LifestealHero, Area of effect, Ensnare, Slow May 1st, 2012 Missiles Vacuum Bite Explode Jet Boost
Coco Nebulon Icon Coco.png CocoNebulon Alpha.png Ui minimap player blazer 0.png (Expression error: Unexpected * operator.) 8.36 Melee HarasserHero Swift Blazer Damage Over TimeHero, Long-ranged, Slow, Lifesteal, Area of Effect, Knockback July 23rd, 2012 Shock Ball Lightning Blaze Ollie
Commander Rocket IconCharacterWakuWaku.png Commander Rocket 001.png Ui minimap player wakuwaku 0.png (Expression error: Unexpected * operator.) 7.7 Long-ranged HarasserHero Tactical Wakuwaku KnockbackHero, Slow 16 August 2017 Charged Salvo Rocket Launch Laser Trap Tactical Double Jump
Deadlift Iconcharactercrumple.png Deadlift 001.png Ui minimap player crumple 0.png (Expression error: Unexpected * operator.) 7.46 Melee SupportHero Balanced Crumple Area of EffectHero, Knockback, Shield, Healing, Weaken, Empower, Slow, Stun March 8th 2017 Iron Slam Power Lunge Protective Pose Bovinian Lift Off
Derpl Zork Icon Derpl.png DerplZork Alpha.png Ui minimap player heavy 0.png (Expression error: Unexpected * operator.) 7.44 Medium Range TankHero Tactical Heavy Area of effectHero, Ensnare, Silence, Knockback, Slow July 23rd, 2012 Cat Shot \ Gatling Grid Trap / Nuke Siege Mode Booster Rocket
Dizzy IconCharacterDizzyreduced.png Dizzy 001.png Ui minimap player Dizzy 0.png (Expression error: Unexpected * operator.) 8.8 Medium Range FighterHero Swift Rascal ShieldHero, Slow, Knockback 14th June 2017 Bubble Shot Multi Dash Explosive Clone Sassy Hop
Froggy G Icon Froggy.png FroggyG Alpha.png Ui minimap player dasher 0.png (Expression error: Unexpected * operator.) 8.68 Short Range AssassinHero Swift Dasher Area of EffectHero, Stun, Shield, Reflect, Slow May 1st, 2012 Bolt .45 Fish-gun Splash Dash Tornado Frog Jump
Genji the Pollen Prophet Menu IconCharacterButterfly.png CharacterRender genji.png Ui minimap player butterfly 0.png (Expression error: Unexpected * operator.) 8.02 Medium Range SupportHero Tactical Butterfly Damage Over TimeHero, Healing, Slow, Shield, Lifesteal February 28th, 2013 Butterfly Shot Cocoon Monarch Blessing Flutter Jump
Gnaw Icon Gnaw.png CharacterRender Gnaw.png Ui minimap player maw 0.png (Expression error: Unexpected * operator.) 7.76 Melee HarasserHero Balanced Maw Damage Over TimeHero, Slow, Lifesteal, Amplify Damage, Weaken August 22nd, 2012 Bite Acid Spit Grow Weedling Skroggle Jump
Ix the Interloper IconCharacterShifter.png Ix splash art 001.png Ui minimap player shifter 0.png (Expression error: Unexpected * operator.) 8 Medium Range SupportHero Swift Shifter Amplify DamageHero, Healing, Lifesteal, Shield, Displacement, Weaken, Empower, Slow July 7th 2016 Radiate Psionic Bond / Displace Refract Crystallized Ascension
Jimmy And The Lux5000 Ui unlock CharWarriorreduced.png Warriorcharselect.png Ui minimap player warrior 0.png (Expression error: Unexpected * operator.) 8 Melee FighterHero Tactical Warrior Damage over TimeHero, Healing, Knockback, Lifesteal, Shield March 2nd 2016 Rattle Smash LUX Charge Missile Barrage Stroller-Jet Boost Jump
Ksenia UI Unlock CharCrawlerreduced.png Ksenia Alpha.png Ui minimap player crawler 0.png (Expression error: Unexpected * operator.) 8.46 Ranged AssassinHero Swift Crawler InvisibilityHero, Knockback, Lifesteal, Silence, Slow September 2nd 2015 Cut and Trim Scissors Throw Vanish Acrobatic Double Jump
Leon Chameleon Icon Leon.png Leon Alpha.png Ui minimap player chameleon 0.png (Expression error: Unexpected * operator.) 8.3 Melee AssassinHero Swift Chameleon StealthHero, Slow, Back Stab, Displacement, Lifesteal, Blind May 1st, 2012 Slash Tongue Snatch Cloaking Skin Reptile Jump
Max Focus IconCharactermaxFocusresized.png Max 001.png Ui minimap player maxFocus 0 copy.png (Expression error: Unexpected * operator.) 8.1 Long Range HarasserHero Aerial Boizor Area of EffectHero, Slowdown, Healing, Flight December 14th 2016 Flood Light Scene Illumination Slow-mo Shot Single-lens Reflex Propulsion
Nibbs IconCharacterBlinker.png CharacterRender Blinker.png Ui minimap player blinker 0.png (Expression error: Unexpected * operator.) 7.4 Melee AssassinHero Tactical Blinker Area of EffectHero, Damage Over Time, Frenzy, Shield, Slow March 4th 2015 Dragon Frenzy Orb Of Omicron Fire Breath Dragon Jump
Penny Fox Menu IconCharacterAssassin.png UI PortraitCharacter Assassin.png Ui minimap player assassin 0.png (Expression error: Unexpected * operator.) 8.1 Melee/Ranged AssassinHero Swift Assassin Amplify DamageHero, Stun, Area of Effect, Knockback, Charges, Silence, Healing April 10th 2014 Claw Pounce Energy Pulse Leap
Qi'Tara IconQitara.png Splashart Qitara.png [[|frameless|32px]] (Expression error: Unexpected * operator.) 8.4 Melee AssassinHero Swift Gantlet Damage over TimeHero, Slow, Amplify Damage, Lifesteal 6th December 2017 Poisonous Blade Chakram Shift Seven Star Strike Chilasi Robe-powered Double Jump
Raelynn IconCharacterRaelynnresized.png Raelynn newsplash.png Ui minimap player hunter 0.png (Expression error: Unexpected * operator.) 7.8 Long Range HarasserHero Balanced Hunter Area of EffectHero, Blind, Long-ranged, Time Modifier, Shield November 1st, 2012 Protoblaster Timerift Snipe Six Million Solar Human Jump
Rocco IconCharacterWozzle001.png Characterrender wozzle 720.png Ui minimap player Wozzle 0 ol.png (Expression error: Unexpected * operator.) 7.8 Ranged FighterHero Balanced Wozzle EmpowerHero, Slow, Long-ranged, Stun July 8th 2015 Rapid Arrows Precision Shot Vengeance Bird Hop
Sentry X-58 Icon Robot.png Robot.png Ui minimap player spy 0.png (Expression error: Unexpected * operator.) 7.77 Range TankHero Tactical Spy Area of EffectHero, Shield, Gravity, Healing, Silence, Lifesteal May 14th 2014 Photon Mine Launcher Black Hole Sun Teleport Beacon Energy Thruster
Sheriff Lonestar Icon Lonestar.png SheriffLonestar Alpha.png Ui minimap player newcowboy 0.png (Expression error: Unexpected * operator.) 8.216 Medium Range FighterHero Tactical Cowboy SlowHero, Lifesteal, Damage Over Time, Knockback May 1st, 2012 Blaster Dynamite Throw Summon Hyper Bull Double Jump
Scoop of Justice IconCharacterPaladin.png CharacterRender Paladin.png Ui minimap player paladin 0.png (Expression error: Unexpected * operator.) 7.8 Melee TankHero Balanced Paladin Area of EffectHero, Healing, Ensnare, Lifesteal October 23rd 2014 Sword Strike Frozen Hammer Binding Of Justice Wobbling Jump
Skølldir Menu IconCharacterBrute.PNG Skolldir Alpha.png Ui minimap player brute 0.png (Expression error: Unexpected * operator.) 7.8 Melee FighterHero Balanced Brute EnsnareHero, Stun, Knockback, Deflect, Slow October 4th, 2012 Bash Mighty Throw Earthquake Explosive Fart
Skree Icon Skree.png Skree.png Ui minimap player shaman 0.png (Expression error: Unexpected * operator.) 8.7 Ranged HarasserHero Swift Shaman Area of EffectHero, Damage over Time, Knockback, Lifesteal, Slow, Empower June 12th 2014 Lightning Rod Saw Blade Totem Of Power Whirling Blades
Smiles IconCharacterSmiles.png Smiles 001.png Ui minimap player Smiles 0.png (Expression error: Unexpected * operator.) 7.6 Short-ranged FighterHero Balanced Poacher TetherHero, Lifesteal, Knockback, Stun 12 July 2017 Bush Fire Trapper's Hook Tail Whip High Reptilian Jump
Snork Gunk IconCharacterGladiator.png Splashart Gladiator.png Ui minimap player gladiator 0.png (Expression error: Unexpected * operator.) 8.1 Melee HarasserHero Tactical Gladiator KnockbackHero, Healing, Shield, Slow, Stun, Lifesteal 17th July 2018 Conch Dunk Sticky Snail Shell Bombs Antigravity Jump
Ted McPain Menu IconCharacterCommando.png Tedmcpain.png Ui minimap player commando 0.png (Expression error: Unexpected * operator.) 7.4 Range FighterHero Tactical Commando KnockbackHero, Stun, Long-ranged, Healthpack, Area of Effect, Damage Over Time, Attack Modifier December 12th 2013 Shotgun and Machine Gun Airstrike Stimpack Jumppack
Vinnie & Spike Menu IconCharacterBird.png CharacterRender Birdman redBG.png Ui minimap player bird 0.png (Expression error: Unexpected * operator.) 5.71206 x1.5(Airborne) Medium Range AssassinHero Aerial Bird Area of EffectHero, Blind, Flight, Healing, Invisibility, Lifesteal, Silence December 18th, 2012 Bubble Gun Spike Dive Smoke Screen Inflate
Voltar the Omniscient Icon Voltar.png Voltar Alpha.png Ui minimap player summoner 0.png (Expression error: Unexpected * operator.) 8.12 Short Range SupportHero Tactical Summoner HealingHero, Knockback, Area of Effect May 1st, 2012 Techno Synaptic Wave Suicide Drones Healbot Hover
Professor Milton Yoolip IconCharacterYoolip.png Yoolip charselect.png Ui minimap player yoolip 0.png (Expression error: Unexpected * operator.) 7.8 Melee SupportHero Tactical Ellipto Amplify DamageHero, Healthpack, Lifesteal, Stun March 2nd 2016 Wrench Smack Gripping Gaze Summon Robo Dinos Sadak High Jump
Yuri Icon Yuri.png Yuri Alpha.png Ui minimap player jetter 0.png (Expression error: Unexpected * operator.) 8.7 Long Range SupportHero Aerial Jetter FlightHero, Healing, Area of effect, Slow, Time Modifier May 1st, 2012 Laser Mine Deploying Time Warp Jet Pack