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Shop icons butterfly skill b upgrade c The Last Pieridae Transformae [edit] Item 5 solar 185

Coccooning enemies spawns a droid. Enables coccoon to isntantly kill enemy droids.

This rare butterfly has been hunted to almost extinction for its transforming capabilities.

Upgrade Lv1
Droid Hummingbird
Health 400 (666)
Damage 70 (116.55)
Movement 7.2
Kills droids Yes

The Last Pieridae Transformae is an upgrade for Menu IconCharacterButterfly Genji's Ui skillbutton butterfly cocoonCocoon.

Description[ | ]

Cocconing an enemy causes a friendly Humming Droids to spawn with full health. The Humming Droid has 600 health, 7.2 movement speed and will always deal 70 damage per shot, unlike the Humming Droids on AI Station 404, which will have slightly higher damage upon increasing in levels. The shot will also deal 40 damage to Turrets. This upgrade also enables Coccoon to instantly kill enemy droids, no matter their type.

Jagra Eggs and Misfortune Cookie will not damage the friendly Humming Droid in any way (Jagra Eggs will still provide full Lifesteal, however).

In-Game Look[ | ]