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UI PortraitCharacter XipangAnnouncer

Voiced by: Roderick Leeuwenhart

This announcer can be purchased at the Steam Store.

Official Steam Store Description[ | ]

And behold! The king said, build me a palace of splendor, for it pleases ourselves and our queen. From that day, the land was sapped of its riches, and every ounce of gold smelt into ingots, and every august, costly stone gathered and set into its obsidian foundation. Since the days of my father's father, the world was plundered of its riches. But such things can last no eternity. The king gathered also the ire of his people, who rose up to besiege the palace. Thus started the age... of strife.

XiPang, a Wise Man who is said to have been at the heart of it all was supposed to have written down a true account of the events in his scrolls, but they were never found and even he faded from memory eventually.

The legend lives on within the magical Scrolls of XiPang, waiting until at long last they will find their way back into the hands of mortals. The scrolls long for the day that their story may be told once more, so that all people of the world will once again know of the greed of the king. His nation may have crumbled, but the legend will last for all eternity.

The "From the Scrolls of XiPang" Announcer can be activated from the character select menu or the in-game menu. Activating this Announcer will replace the default announcements made during regular gameplay with a whole new set. - Official Steam Store description.

Quotes[ | ]

Base and Turrets[ | ]

Attacks against an allied turret:[ | ]

▶️"Their siege engine came under attack!"

▶️"Enemy forces rallied at their artillery!"

▶️"Their artillery came under heavy attack!"

▶️"Their towers came under siege!"

▶️"The enemy stood at their towers!"

▶️"They were battering their towers!"

Allied turret low on health:[ | ]

▶️"The engines of war shuddered as they almost collapsed."

▶️"Their opponent laid waste to the thundering constructs!"

▶️"It was almost done for them!"

▶️"It was almost done for their siege engines!"

▶️"Almost was their artillery broken down!"

Allied turret lost:[ | ]

▶️"Despite their best efforts, their siege machine was lost!"

▶️"The engine of war crumbled under their enemy's heel!"

▶️"Just then, the enemy sprung their trap!"

Enemy turret destroyed:[ | ]

▶️"The king's machine of war fell and once more hope flew through their ranks!"

▶️"As the enemy's siege weapon burned down, the warriors rejoiced!"

▶️"The tower had fallen!"

Allies around enemy Solar Drill area:[ | ]

▶️"After great upheaval, the Awesomenauts pushed through into the king's palace!"

▶️"The warriors were in the enemy encampment!"

▶️"They had infiltrated the enemy fort!"

Enemies around Solar Drill area:[ | ]

▶️"Spies from the king's army had been spotted in the stockades!"

▶️"The enemy was getting dangerously close!"

▶️"The opposing force was spotted in their fort!"

Solar Drill being attacked:[ | ]

▶️"The king pierced the heart of their fort and begun his reckless assault!"

▶️"They hurried back when enemy forces infiltrated their encampment."

▶️"The enemy was attacking their camp."

▶️"The king was attacking their fort."

Solar Drill at 1/3 health and below:[ | ]

▶️"It would not be long now before their best efforts were laid to waste!"

Connection[ | ]

Player connects:[ | ]

▶️"Another warrior took hold of the tide of battle!"

▶️"But just then, a new warrior set foot on the battlefield!"

Player disconnects:[ | ]

▶️"It was as if the warrior had given up and left to fight another day."

▶️"Not all warriors had, after all, the stomach for war."

Kills and Deaths[ | ]

Player death:[ | ]

▶️"When one of their own fell, another took his place shortly!"

▶️"A desperate howl and once again they lost a friend!"

▶️"With every defeat a victory rode further away!"

First 'naut killed by another 'naut:[ | ]

▶️"Pulses quickened as first blood was drawn!"

▶️"A cry pierced the silence of the battlefield!"

▶️"The soil drank greedily from its first taste of blood!"

Teammate killed:[ | ]

▶️"One of their comrades had regrettably fallen in battle..."

▶️"They lost one of their friends."

▶️"Their ranks were thinned."

▶️"This was the price of warfare."

Enemy death:[ | ]

▶️"They had one less opposing warrior to worry about!"

▶️"Another enemy fell before them!"

▶️"Another enemy fell into their sword!"

▶️"They killed another one of their enemies!"

▶️"One more soul was sent to its premature grave."

▶️The soldier relished his kill!"

All 'nauts in the same team are dead at the same time:[ | ]

▶️"It was no mean feat to clear the enemy's ranks!"

▶️"They surveyed the charred remains of the opposing army and knew it was well!"

▶️"Already the bards prepared songs for this moment of massacre!"

'naut killstreak #1:[ | ]

▶️"There was no halting the enormity of their warfare!"

▶️"The enemy gained no foothold over them."

▶️"Whatever their flaws, the results were impossible to ignore!"

▶️"Despite opposing efforts, the desperate attempt held together!"

'naut killstreak #2:[ | ]

▶️"One after the other fell at the hands of this master of death."

▶️"They drank the sweet nectar of success!"

'naut killstreak #3:[ | ]

▶️"No mere mortal could stand at their side!"

▶️"This was the thing of legend!"

▶️"They looked up to the skies and howled in defiance of their king!"

Blue team killing spree:[ | ]

▶️"The blue banner flew proudly over the plains of battle."

▶️"It was the blue side who held the greatest claim to victory."

Red team killing spree:[ | ]

▶️"The red banner flew proudly over the plains of battle."

▶️"It was the red side who held the greatest claim to victory."

Team killing spree #2:[ | ]

▶️"Triumphant they were!"

Player kills 2 enemy 'nauts in a short amount of time:[ | ]

▶️"Twice they struck faster and truer than their enemy!"

▶️"This was no coincidence."

Player kills 3 enemy 'nauts in a short amount of time:[ | ]

▶️"The Awesomenaut was an unstoppable assassin!"

Enemy killing spree:[ | ]

▶️"The enemy killing could not be stopped!"

▶️"Suddenly, the tide of war turned against them."

▶️"The opposing force struck true!"

▶️"They had no answer to such force!"

'Naut killed by turret, creeps or droids:[ | ]

▶️"It was an utter humiliation."

▶️"The warrior considered falling on his sword in shame."

▶️"No words could describe how tiny they felt their soul."

▶️"Ugh... The shame!"

▶️"Embarassment hung around them like an old cloak."

Match over[ | ]

Match lost:[ | ]

▶️"In the end, they proved no match for the king's armies..."

▶️"When the sun dipped under the king's palace, none were left standing..."

▶️"The king had his day, and would rule for another century..."

Match won:[ | ]

▶️"Now they had won the battle. The day was theirs!"

▶️"The king's palace laid crushed beneath them, but that was only the start of their adventure!"

▶️"The old king had fallen and the air was drunk with cries of celebration!"

Shop[ | ]

Insufficent Solar:[ | ]

▶️"And so it came to pass that there was no more gold."

▶️"To wage war, one needed funds."

▶️"The king's reign had reduced everyone to poverty!"

▶️"Where his majesty's coffers were filled, all others were empty!"

Spawn/Respawn[ | ]

Waiting for the countdown.[ | ]

▶️"If anything, preparation would be the key to their victory!"

▶️"One by one, they steeled their will for conquest!"

▶️"This day, this fine day, would spell their destiny!"

▶️"Yet, none of them understood what fate had in store for them!"

▶️"They had trained for this for many moons, and then time finally came!"

Countdown to Drop Pod launch:[ | ]

▶️"They counted down the moments..."

Droppod Launched[ | ]

▶️"They rushed onto the field of battle!"

▶️"The smell of death hung in the air as the Awesomenaut was flung into the fray!"

▶️"Lust for conquest gave the warrior wings!"

▶️"The theater of war was soon populated by bloodlusted fighters!"

▶️"They pictured the king's face before them, as they reached for their arms!"

Droids about to spawn:[ | ]

▶️"In mere moments, the ships bearing regiments would arrive."

▶️"Reinforcements were not far off now."

Droids first spawn in the match:[ | ]

▶️"Fresh reinforcements had arrived!"

▶️"From the plains and the woods, they came to defeat the king."

Showcase[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • From the Scrolls of Xi-Pang has no specific lines for when the player personally kills an enemy ("You have killed an enemy!"), instead using the "an enemy has been killed" lines for whenever someone in the player's team kills an enemy, including the player themselves.