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Totem Of Power [edit]
Place a totem that has collision for enemies and can be stand on by friendly units.
Cooldown 14s
Health 600 (1056)
Height 6
Width 1.6
Duration 7s
Shop icons shaman skill a upgrade 1.png Mask Of Fear [edit] Item 5 solar.png 165

Incrases the damage dealt by you and allied Awesomenauts while being near the totem of power.

When the tech-crazy Mon'Grah were exiled from Okeanos, they turned to dark magic wearing these sinister masks.

Upgrade Lv1 Lv2
Damage +5% +10%
Range 12.5 12.5
Shop icons shaman skill a upgrade 2.png Book Of Medicine [edit] Item 5 solar.png 180

Reduces the cooldown of the totem of power.

Contains hundreds of ancient recipes for mystic potions and elixirs.

Upgrade Lv1
Cooldown -3s
Shop icons shaman skill a upgrade 3.png Ornamented Pipe [edit] Item 5 solar.png 200

Increases height of totem of power.

Handcrafted from sandworm tailbone this piece is quite remarkable.

Upgrade Lv1
Height +50%
Shop icons shaman skill a upgrade 4.png Closed Coffin [edit] Item 5 solar.png 160

Increases the base health of the totem of power.

This coffin is nailed shut. You can hear a faint mumble from within.

Upgrade Lv1 Lv2
Base totem health +18% +36%
Shop icons shaman skill a upgrade 5.png Voodoo Doll [edit] Item 5 solar.png 175

Adds a slowing effect to the totem of power.

This new Awesomenauts line allows you to torture your favorite 'naut!

Upgrade Lv1 Lv2
Slowing power +15% +30%
Slow duration +1s +2s
Range 4 4
Shop icons shaman skill a upgrade 6.png Trial Elixir Of Knowledge [edit] Item 5 solar.png 145

Adds a knockback pulse when totem of power is created.

"Failed attempt #30024: Not enough water of Okeanos...? Needs more testing"

Upgrade Lv1
Knockback +1.5
Size 10


Skree throws a piece of metal (the force of the throw is determined by how long the button is pressed) which flies in an arc. once it makes contact with terrain, it deploys into a totem which behaves like terrain, blocking enemy movement and most projectiles. The totem will disappear upon being destroyed or running it's full duration.

In-Game Look[]