Awesomenauts Wiki

One of the defining features of the Awesomenauts is their zany backstories and personalities. It separates each 'Naut from the other just as much as their skill set does. Tied into that, each unique upgrade follows a theme related to that character. To keep it more cohesive, every individual row follows an even more specific theme.

Themes by 'Naut[ | ]

Admiral Swiggins[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Captain AnchorHook

Anchor Hook
Navigational tools and other seafaring items.

UI Skillbutton Captain AnchorDrop

Drop Anchor
Tea-related items.

UI Skillbutton Captain Melee

Anchor Swing/Ink Spray
Aquarium decorations.

Ayla[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Vampire Bolas

Evil Eye
Things you would find in a jail.

UI Skillbutton Vampire Lifesteal On

Childhood items.

UI Skillbutton Vampire Attack

Chain Whack
Things to escape from prison with.

Chucho Krokk[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Hyper Bolas

Sticky Bomb/Nitro Boost
Secret agent items.

UI Skillbutton Hyper JumpBike

Hyper Bike/Turret
Motorbike mods and maintenance.

UI Skillbutton Hyper Attack

Double Pistol/Bike Blaster
Wanted posters.

Clunk[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Tank Lifesteal

Vacuum Bite
Vacuums and vacuum attachments.

UI Skillbutton Tank Detonate

Nuclear reactor items.

UI Skillbutton Tank Attack1


Coco Nebulon[ | ]

Coco Nebulon Skill1

Ball Lightning
Balls of energy.

Coco Nebulon Skill2


Coco Nebulon Weapon


Deadlift[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Crumple Leap

Power Lunge
Things to show off manliness with.

UI Skillbutton Crumple Shield

Protective Pose
Cow-related items.

UI Skillbutton Crumple Attack

Iron Slam
Workout items.

Derpl Zork[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Turretguy Turretrocket copy 2

Grid Trap / Nuke

Derpl Zork Skill2

Siege Mode
No consistent theme.

Derpl Zork Weapon

Cat Shot \ Gatling
Cats, specifically cats based on image macros.

Dizzy[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Dizzy Dash

Multi Dash
Music star items.

UI Skillbutton Dizzy Blow

Explosive Clone
Hip-hop artist attire.

UI Skillbutton Dizzy Attack

Bubble Shot
Tools for making graffiti.

Froggy G[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Dasher Dash

Splash Dash
Gear based on rappers.

UI Skillbutton Dasher Whirlwind

80s hip-hop music items.

UI Skillbutton Dasher Attack

Bolt .45 Fish-gun
Aquatic animals.

Genji the Pollen Prophet[ | ]

Ui skillbutton butterfly cocoon

Edible things.

Ui skillbutton butterfly blessing

Monarch Blessing
Scriptures and other books.

Ui skillbutton butterfly shoot

Butterfly Shot
Holy Entin prayer items.

Gnaw[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Maw Spit

Acid Spit
Jars of acid.

UI Skillbutton Maw Turret

Grow Weedling
Bags of seeds.

UI Skillbutton Maw Attack


Ix the Interloper[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Shifter Bondnew

Psionic Bond / Displace
Nature/environmentalist items.

UI Skillbutton Shifter Refractnew

Broken mining equipment.

UI Skillbutton Shifter Attacknew


Jimmy And The Lux5000[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Warrior Charge

LUX Charge
Baby stuff.

UI Skillbutton Warrior Barrage

Missile Barrage

UI Skillbutton Warrior Attack

Rattle Smash
Boxing-related items.

Ksenia[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Crawler Knives

Scissors Throw
Hairdressing items.

UI Skillbutton Crawler Stealth

VR related items.

UI Skillbutton Crawler Attack

Cut and Trim

Leon Chameleon[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Chameleon Tongue

Tongue Snatch
Things that go on your tongue.

UI Skillbutton Chameleon Stealth

Cloaking Skin
French things/robot buddies.

UI Skillbutton Chameleon Attack


Max Focus[ | ]

UI Skillbutton maxFocus SceneIllumination copy

Scene Illumination
Front-page news stories.

UI Skillbutton maxFocus SlowmoShot copy

Slow-mo Shot
News anchors and other TV personalities.

UI Skillbutton maxFocus attack copy

Flood Light
Things used by the paparazzi.

Nibbs[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Blinker Blink

Orb Of Omicron
Teleportation-related items.

UI Skillbutton Blinker Twirl

Fire Breath
Dragon-related items.

UI Skillbutton Blinker Attack

Dragon Frenzy
Mystic or religious items.

Penny Fox[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Foxy Pounce

Scooter-related items.

UI Skillbutton Foxy Swipe

Energy Pulse
Things girl scouts have.

UI Skillbutton Foxy Strike Melee

Merit badges.

Professor Milton Yoolip[ | ]

UI Skillbutton yoolip Beam

Gripping Gaze
Things related to pancakes.

UI Skillbutton yoolip Monster

Summon Robo Dinos
Pet-related items for dinosaurs.

UI Skillbutton yoolip Attack

Wrench Smack
Laboratory equipment.

Raelynn[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Hunter Timerift

No consistent theme.

UI Skillbutton Hunter Snipe

Ammo cartridges.

UI Skillbutton Hunter Attack

Dollar-store trinkets.

Rocco[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Wozzle FireBomb0

Precision Shot
Police gear.

UI Skillbutton Wozzle FrostMode

Archery-related items.

UI Skillbutton Wozzle FireArrow0

Rapid Arrows
Birds and bird-related items.

Scoop of Justice[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Paladin Hammer

Frozen Hammer
Ice cream toppings.

UI Skillbutton Paladin Heal

Binding Of Justice
Historical and important Gelati symbols.

UI Skillbutton Paladin Attack

Sword Strike
Medieval weapons and armour.

Sentry X-58[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Spy Blackhole

Black Hole Sun
Spy items.

UI Skillbutton Spy Beacon

Teleport Beacon

UI Skillbutton Spy Attack

Photon Mine Launcher
Military equipment.

Sheriff Lonestar[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Cowboy Grenade

Dynamite Throw
Sticks of dynamite.

UI Skillbutton Cowboy Bull

Summon Hyper Bull
No consistent theme.

UI Skillbutton Cowboy Attack


Skølldir[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Brute Throw

Mighty Throw
Wrestler/bodybuilder items.

UI Skillbutton Brute Earthquake

Heavy things.

UI Skillbutton Brute Attack

Fists holding various things.

Skree[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Shaman Spirit

Saw Blade
Things the Mon'grah had while hitchhiking.

UI Skillbutton Shaman Wall

Totem Of Power
Voodoo artifacts.

UI Skillbutton Shaman Lightning

Lightning Rod
Everyday items mistaken for magic.

Smiles[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Smiles Chain

Trapper's Hook
Hooks and rope.

UI Skillbutton Smiles Tail

Tail Whip
Hunting trophies.

UI Skillbutton Smiles Attack

Bush Fire
Barbecued food and barbecuing equipment.

Ted McPain[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Commando Airstrike

Impractical military equipment.

UI Skillbutton Commando Stim

Hygiene-related products.

UI Skillbutton Commando AttackShotgun

Shotgun and Machine Gun
Ted McPain brand merchandise.

Vinnie & Spike[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Bird Dash

Spike Dive
Gangster items being smuggled.

UI Skillbutton Bird Smoke

Smoke Screen
Masks to rob stores with.

UI Skillbutton Bird Shot

Bubble Gun
Famous fish criminals.

Voltar the Omniscient[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Summoner Drone3

Suicide Drones

UI Skillbutton Summoner Healtotem

Healing pods.

UI Skillbutton Summoner Attack New

Techno Synaptic Wave
Packets of drink powder.

Yuri[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Jetter Mine

Mine Deploying

UI Skillbutton Jetter Timebubble

Time Warp
Time-travelling devices.

UI Skillbutton Jetter Attack

Things that focus or reflect light.

Themes By Art[ | ]

Open Flames[ | ]

Skill Lonestar Bull chargerBull Charger

Shop Icons Brute Base Attack Upgrade BFlaming Fists

Shop Icons foxy A 5Volatile Wheels

Shop icons blinker skill b upgrade aEternal Flame

Shop Icons yoolip skill c upgrade aBunny Burner

Shop Icons Warrior skill a upgrade eFlaming Stroller

Shop icons Smiles skill a upgrade dBush Telly

Polaroids[ | ]

Shop Icons Vampire skill a upgrade dFake Family Pictures

Shop Icons Shifter skill a upgrade dnewOverexposed Nature Photo

Shop icons crawler skill c upgrade eRemembrance Machine

Shop icons blinker skill b upgrade bAutographed Picture Of Voran

Shop Icons Hyper skill a upgrade eBlack Mail

Horseshoe Magnets[ | ]

Shop icons captain skill a upgrade eMagnetic Anchor

Upgrade Leon Magnet piercingSpectacles Magnet Piercing

Fists[ | ]

Coco Nebulon Skill1-1Coco Nebulon Skill1-6Voltage Amplifier & Heavenly Fire

Derpl Zork Skill2-3Solid Fist Missiles

Bloated Weaponry[ | ]

Upgrade Clunk Fragmenting shellsFragmenting Shells

Derpl Zork Weapon-5Fat Cat

Turret Upgrade FFertilizer

Shop Icons Hunter Timerift Upgrade EHC-Bomb

Skill Lonestar Booming bulletsBooming Bullets

Upgrade Voltar Overheal potionUpgrade Voltar Cortex tankOverheal Potion & Cortex Tank

Clocks[ | ]

Coco Nebulon Skill2-6Coco Nebulon Weapon-2Wave Raiser & Flexible Heat Sinks

Skill Froggy Golden watchSkill Froggy Clock necklaceGolden Watch & Clock Necklace

Upgrade Voltar Warpgate overdriveWarpgate Overdrive

Shop Icons Spy skill a upgrade 5Night Vision Spywatch

Dynamite[ | ]

Upgrade Leon Blow up dollBlow Up Doll

Shop Icons Wozzle skill b upgrade cDefused Hawk Bomb

Shop icons commando skill a upgrade cI-Don't-Carebear

Dolls & Statues[ | ]

Shop Icons Vampire skill a upgrade fDummy Prisoner

Shop Icons Hunter Base Attack Upgrade CJoe Doll

Shop icons shaman skill a upgrade 5Voodoo Doll

Shop Icons Paladin skill b upgrade cIdol Of The Ice Queen

Shop Icons Vampire skill b upgrade dRip-Apart Bear

Shop icons captain skill b upgrade fKraken Statue

Shop icons butterfly skill c upgrade dCaterpillar King Statue

Shop icons blinker skill c upgrade aDragon Speaker Idol

Shop icons commando skill b upgrade bCommando Ted Figurine

Head and Facewear[ | ]

Upgrade Clunk Titanium hard hatTitanium Hard Hat

Skill Lonestar Techno viking helmetTechno Viking Helmet

Shop Icons foxy A 6Stunt Helmet

Shop Icons Shifter skill c upgrade anewPersonality Crystal

Shop Icons Spy skill a upgrade 6Disguise Moustache

Shop Icons Wozzle skill c upgrade bSticky Cops Moustache

Shop icons crumple skill a upgrade cWeighted Nose Ring

Shop Icons Vampire skill c upgrade fExplosive Neckband

Upgrade Leon Surprise party maskSurprise Party Mask

Shop Icons Hunter Snipe Upgrade FFlashy Glasses

Shop icons butterfly skill c upgrade aWool Shawl

Shop Icons Shifter skill a upgrade cnewMammoth Hair Scarf

Shop Icons Vampire skill a upgrade eBiter Mask

Shop icons bird skill c upgrade bRed Bandana

Shop icons bird skill c upgrade aClown's Mask

Shop icons bird skill c upgrade eMammoth Sock With Holes

Shop icons bird skill c upgrade cWithered President Mask

Shop icons bird skill c upgrade fRubber Mask

Shop icons shaman skill a upgrade 1Mask Of Fear

Shop icons shaman skill c upgrade 4Ceremonial Mask

Milk[ | ]

Shop icons captain skill a upgrade fBovinian Skimmed Milk

Shop Icons Paladin skill b upgrade aMilk Of Righteousness

Shop Icons Warrior skill a upgrade aBovinian Breastmilk

Shop icons crumple skill b upgrade bFresh Chocolate Milk

Muscular Males[ | ]

Shop Icons Wozzle skill b upgrade eChicken Grill

Shop Icons Brute Throw Upgrade AAxethrowing Trophy

Shop Icons Brute Earthquake Upgrade DEnhanced Muscle Fibers

Shop icons commando skill c upgrade bArmpit Shaving Cream