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Upgrade Yuri Uranium spikes Uranium Spikes [edit] Item 5 solar 150

Exploded mines become healthpacks.

My spikes are bigger than yours.

Upgrade Lv1 Lv2
Healthpack Yes Yes
Heal 100 (157) 200 (314)
Duration 50% (of mines) 50% (of mines)
Carpet bombs heal 60% 60%

Uranium Spikes is an upgrade for Icon YuriYuri's UI Skillbutton Jetter MineMine Deploying.

Description[ | ]

Causes Yuri's mines to leave a healthpack behind after being triggered by an enemy. These healthpacks heal allies who collect it by 100 health per stage, up to a maximum of 200 and will stay on the ground for half the duration of a mine. Purchasing Carpet Bombs will cause 3 healthpacks to appear (provided that the enemy triggers all three mines), but reduces the healing effect by 60%. The healing effect from the healthpack scales with team levels.

In-game look[ | ]