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By: WereRealm

NOTE: read the Play Style and Tips, as it tells you how to play this loadout properly.

Recommended Loadout[ | ]

Spike Dive: Dead Seahorse Head/Chrome File/Rigged Casino Games

Smoke Screen: Mammoth Sock With Holes/Withered President Mask/Clown Mask

Bubble Gun: Sharky & Ramora/Yakoiza/Al Caper

Set Items: Space Air Max/Solar Tree/Piggy Bank

Purchase Order[ | ]

Upon Land: Solar Tree > Piggy Bank > Spike Dive

Early Game: Sharky & Ramora > Dead Seahorse Head > Chrome File (2/2) > Rigged Casino Games (2/2)

Mid Game: Smoke Screen > Withered President Mask > Yakoiza > Mammoth Sock With Holes (1/2) 

Rest: Al Caper (2/3) > Mammoth Sock With Holes (1/2) > Al Caper (1/3) > Clown Mask (2/2)

Play Style and Tips[ | ]

This set is made to be played as an assassin. Your main goal is to hit and run, DO NOT stick around and get low. Early in the game, you're going to be fairly stronger then most other 'Nauts, as all your set items are obtained at the very begging. What you wanna do is sit around and get farm, and if you see and enemy 'Naut get low or over extend you want to jump them to either set them back or get a kill. Once your getting near mid game, you should be able to scare off most Threats with a single Spike Dive as long as you hit both sets of spikes from Dead Seahorse Head. Now approaching Mid game, the enemy 'Nauts are probably going to be stronger than you, use the range from Sharky & Ramora to your advantage and poke them down and dive in if you think you can get them, but you want to be playing a little more passively. Once you hit Mid Game and obtain Withered President Mask, you'll see why this build is what it is. Now when you Spike dive, use smoke screen directly afterwards, and your spike dive will be off cooldown again. The reason for this is that Spike Dive has a 7 second cooldown, Rigged Casino Games gets rid of 3 seconds, and Withered President Mask Gets rid of the other 4. You should now be able to Double Dash. If you succefully hit both hits from Dead Seahorse Head on the two dashes you will deal an amazing 150 damage, not including the burst from Yakoiza, you will be able to absolutely melt any squishies, and put large chunks into any tank. Now your goal is to go around assassinating enemies. REMEBER THOUGH: once you have used this combo your abilities will both be at around 7 seconds, so you will have no way to escape. So if you're diving into a group of enemies to kill one of them, this is probably a suicide mission. Use your range and burst damage to your advantage to help your team take turrets and finally the enemy base. GOOD LUCK :D

-- 02:35, April 8, 2013 (UTC)