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This build is centered around dealing high burst with Spike Dive. You can easily chase opponents down or burst them with a near instant reset on Spike Dive. Stealth and Silence Cloud are also very useful for harassment and escape.

Recommended Loadout[ | ]

Spike Dive: Dead Seahorse Head, Chrome File, Rigged Casino Games

Smoke Screen: Red Bandana, Mammoth sock with holes/Rocketeer, Withered president mask

Bubble Gun: Sharky & Remora, Al Carper, Loanshark

Utility: Power Pills, Space Air Max, Piggy Bank

Purchase Order[ | ]

Piggy Bank, Power Pills, Spike Dive, Loanshark, Space Air Max

Rigged Casino Games 2/2

Chrome File 2/2

Dead Seahorse Head

Smoke Screen

Withered president mask

Sharky & Remora/Rocketeer

Red Bandana

Mammoth sock with holes/Sharky & Remora

Al Carper 3/3

Play Style and Tips[ | ]

1. Stay away from big fights at the start of the game, since the most you can really do at the start is 30 damage with Spike Dive.

2. Once you max Chrome File, you should start finding weak players and finishing them off with Spike Dive for easy Solar.

3. Don't get cocky and only Dive into turrets if there's a weakened enemy standing on it or if there are drones attacking it. Bubble Gun deals full damage to turrets so it's a better poking option than Diving once you max Al Carper.

4. Spike Dive's hitbox is awkward. Sometimes you don't hit when you should. Be wary of this.

5. Be prepared to face cheater accusations. Usually I get about 12/1 and I'm in League 9, which some fellow lowbies can't seem to take, so I can only imagine what would happen if a skilled Vinnie League 4+ battled other league 9s...

6. Taunt often. You feed off other people's rage.

7. Have fun! It isn't a game for you if you're not having fun.

--CameraFan (talk) 14:04, December 22, 2012 (UTC)

Edit- Updated on 2.5.13 to be a bit more OP

CameraFan (talk) 19:22, May 2, 2013 (UTC)