Awesomenauts Wiki

This build is meant for team play. It pairs especially well with a tongue-snatching Leon, Sniping Raelynn, or any other good burst damage/snare character. I do not know the specific names for the upgrades however, but you should be able to figure it out.

Recommended Loadout[ | ]

Spike Dive:

1) Dead Seahorse Head - Extra Spikes @ 50% damage

2) Bag Full of Gold Fish -  +15 Damage when holding 150 Solar

3) Chrome File - +10 Damage (x2)

Smoke Screen:

Any. This build doesn't use this typically until the end. Withered Presidents Mask (+100% movement speed) is basically the only must-have.

Bubble Attack:

1) Sharky and Remora - +4 Range

2) Al Carper - +1 damage (x3)

3) Loanshark - +50 for Awesomenaut Kill


1) Piggy Bank

2) Power Pills Light +15 Health (x3)

3) Space Air Max Movement Speed

Purchase Order[ | ]

The purchase order is very flexible, and it depends on the other team's 'nauts.

Here's my basic order:

1) Piggy Bank

2) Loan Shark - +50 for Awesomenaut kills

3) Spike Dive

4) Bag Full of Gold Fish - +15 damage for Spike Dive when holding 150

All of this should be purchased on your first trip.

Next, you should upgrade spike dive, starting with the extra spikes (Dead Seahorse Head - kills creeps very quickly), then getting the extra damage (Chrome File). Mix in movement speed where it fits. Sometimes you need it right away, sometimes it comes at the end. When you leave base, you should always have 100 or more solar so you can burst the most damage possible.

Power Pills Light - +15 health (x3)

Afterwards, I boost my health. Other 'Nauts will be upgrading damage, so you can get all 3 health upgrades for +45 health. It eliminates the need for Smoke Screen and makes you a real force to be reckoned with.

After this, I typically get range (Sharky and Remora) and then damage for the bubble attack (Al Carper). If I'm having problems getting away, or if they have Ayla using rage, I get smoke screen and +100% movement speed so I can get away. Usually this isn't needed with good positioning though. Then finish up with smoke screen upgrades. These can be whatever you like best. I usually like the silence cloud and debuff immunity so you can get out.

Play Style and Tips[ | ]

So with this build, you have to be cautiously aggressive. You have to get kills to keep up. General tips: You should never let spike dive be on cooldown. Spike Dive droids and turrets when possible. ALWAYS be mobile. NEVER have less than 75% health.

This pairs REALLY well with Leon's silent tongue. Have Leon snatch, they will be silenced, spike dive and chase if needed. You should be hit-and-run to the extreme. Never stick around in a fight. Spike dive back towards your base if you can, then float up and come down only when you can dive again.

Be sure to leverage the range of the spike dive. Got them behind turrets, from under the floor, etc.

This build is great if you get kills early. You skyrocket ahead of the other team. However, if you are forced to play ultra-defensive, you will suffer because of your lack of solar tree. Keep spike diving droids to compensate!

--Heismypossum (talk) 13:19, July 2, 2013 (UTC)