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UI Skillbutton Bird Dash

Spike Dive [edit]
In many a mad dash to escape them flat-flooted coppers, Spike has specialised in a Dive that lets him torpedo through just about any roadblock. It delivers a lethal dose of spikes shot from his spine to add to the mayhem!
Damage 400 (628)
Cooldown 8s
Radius 6

UI Skillbutton Bird Shot

Bubble Gun [edit]
The small difference between the bubbles shot from Spike’s mouth, and the gently tumbling soapy dreams we all adore from our childhood, is that Spike’s bubbles will take your arm off if you try to pop ‘m!
Bullets 3
Damage 35 (54.95)
Attack Speed 85.7
Range 7

UI Skillbutton Bird Smoke

Smoke Screen [edit]
Whenever Spike gets cornered, he squirts out a misty cloud that leaves everyone blinded in its wake. Vinnie has long since learned to use this nervous tick in his trusty pal to beat a hasty retreat when things get nasty!
Cooldown 11s
Duration 4s
Size 8
Attack Speed 160
Blind Duration 0.38s

UI Skillbutton Bird Jump

Inflate [edit]
Being the smart guy that he is, Vinnie uses Spike’s ability to bloat his body and float around. Apart from a hilarious party trick, this will get the duo up to those hard to reach places for the choicest pieces of loot!
Jump Height 4
Jumps 500