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Playing As:[ | ]

  • Vinnie & Spike are noticeably faster while moving on air, rather than on land. Players are encouraged to keep flying instead of walking.
  • Solar Krab Burgers will not give you more health if you pick up a golden Solar cube instead of a silver one.
  • Spike Dive starts off pretty weak early game. Use it to farm Solar, poke enemies or as an escape tool. With some upgrades, it becomes more effective at killing enemies.
  • If you are using Bag Full of Gold Fish, it might be a good idea to play more passively and focus on farming whenever you drop below the required Solar limit. Once you have enough Solar again, you can go back to ganks and pushes.
  • Aiming downwards with Spike Dive while close to the ground is an effective way of landing both spike explosions from Dead Seahorse Head on the same target.
  • Remember that if you use Spike Dive to attack your enemies, you won't have it available for an escape. Smoke Screen (and any upgrades it may have) can assist you in your escape. Rigged Casino Games can also help you compensate for this.
  • Smoke Screen can be used defensively against droids: since blind incapacitates them, use it to prevent your turret from being attacked by them. This is also useful against Gnaw's weedlings.
  • Solar Krab Burgers work with Loanshark, for a big heal after killing an enemy Awesomenaut.
  • Combining Mammoth Sock With Holes, Withered President Mask and Space Air Max can turn Vinnie & Spike into very powerful escape artists.
  • Using Sharky & Remora can help you stay at a safe distance from your enemy while attacking or to get kills that wouldn't be possible otherwise. This upgrade also allows Vinnie & Spike to outrange turrets, making them great at pushing as long as something else is tanking for them, specially when combined with Smoke Screen which stops droids from attacking, giving you time to kill them while destroying the turret.
  • Although Bubble Gun deals fairly low damage early on, it pierces through enemies, making it a good droid farming tool.
  • When using The Godfish upgrade, keep in mind that you will glow when you are near an enemy with 150 or more Solar even if he's inside a hide area or invisible. Use this as a "radar" and be prepared to attack or flee accordingly.

Playing With:[ | ]

Playing Against:[ | ]

  • Vinnie & Spike have poor acceleration when falling, making it easier to land abilities on them during that time.
  • Mammoth Sock With Holes will apply not only to Vinnie & Spike, but to their teammates as well. Be wary of stealth ambushes.
  • Unlike Froggy G, Vinnie & Spike are vulnerable to damage during Spike Dive. Attack them when they use it offensively.
  • If you notice that Vinnie & Spike are surrounded by a white bubble after using Smoke Screen, don't try to crowd control them: they are protected by Clown's Mask.
  • While it may look like Vinnie & Spike launch spikes at the end of their spike dive,it is actually an explosion and getting hit by it will do the full damage of the spike dive.