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Voltar's Vault of Omniscient Revelations (Voltar's Vault or The Vault, for short) is a page on where Ronimo Games teases and reveals upcoming Awesomenauts content. It was first used to reveal the major contents present in Patch 2.3 Secrets of Space (such as Penny Fox, her skins and the new track), becoming a recurring theme from then on.

The Vault content is revealed over time instead of in a single day.

Ronimo moved away from Voltar's Vault after Patch 2.13, preferring to reveal their upcoming content in the form of daily devstreams and weekly Streamishos.

As of Patch 3.4, Prime Time, Ronimo has once again resumed using the Vault to show cryptic hints, this time merging it with their existing "Upcoming Content" page.